Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bead Coop

Hi Everyone!
Well for those of you who follow this adventure I call life, know that I have been making changes. Over the last few years I have sold out the seed bead part of my business and trying to sell the rest of the supplies I carried in my Beadwright store for 17 years. It is almost over and I am feeling happy and relieved that a new adventure is beginning. Since 1989 I have been writing instructional articles on beading, gourd art, fashion, and design. Along with that I have taught classes, made kits, patterns, and tutorials. That part is going to expand. I am now a proud member of  The Bead Coop. If you have never been there then you are missing out on some of the most talented people creating patterns and tutorials. I will be listing mine today. I have pulled out some of my old time patterns and tutorials and revising them for today's beads and supplies. It will be fun to see my old art come alive again. With that news out I have decided that when my Bead Coop store is all set up and ready to go that I should have a grand opening party and all of my blog friends and family will be invited. It will be so much fun with lots of door prizes and giveaways. The details to come
Have a great day today

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. yea, nicole! i can't wait to see all your patterns up on the coop!

  2. Congratulations on this new chapter in your life! It's sounds so exciting, and I am happy for you!

  3. Finally!! You will do well on the bead Coop..Party? did someone say Party?

  4. Well, this is a very exciting new chapter in your life, Nicole :-))) I wish you every success with it!!! I know you'll have loads of fun pulling out your old patterns and revamping them :-)

    For some reason, you popped right into my head last night, and I haven't been able to stop thinking of you since! I'm happy to read that your foot is healing and that everything is A-OK on your side of the world.

    Miss you!!!


  5. Ohhh Nicole...I am soooo happy for you...Congrats!!! You are such a talented artist. Such a wonderful new adventure in your life and I'm looking so forward to getting to be a part of it through here. ^_^



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