Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I sure hope you had a better day than I did. Well it wasn't a bad day just a non productive one. The rain is heavy and the skies are dark so that makes my life feel dark and heavy. It seemed everything I wanted to do today was difficult and I have learned that if it isn't working out just set it aside. I took not one but two naps today. Well I guess I needed it because after the second nap things seemed to fit into place. LOL So after a long day I did finally draw a new pattern and then made it up. It is an easy one with only 18 colors. It is kind of how I feel. Looking for something new, something exciting, the eye of the Peacock seems to know where that all is.
You can find this and other PDF patterns in my Beadwright etsy store or my Beadwright website.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Glad you got some rest. Maybe it was a much needed rest Nicole. I hope you are feeling well. Soon it will be Spring and we can all start feeling "springy." tee hee. Take care and enjoy Wednesday.

  2. The elements certainly play a part in my mood, Nicole...so I know exactly how you are feeling! Here's hoping that the sun shines for you tomorrow :-) I'm glad you were able to get some things done after a couple of naps.

    I love all of your loom patterns...you are on a roll with these, my friend!

    I was thinking of you just last night, so it was a nice surprise to wake up this morning and see that you'd been visiting my blog :-)

    Miss you lots!!!


  3. Fabulous pattern, Nicole! Wish I didn't have such a stumbling block with looms or square stitch...

  4. Gorgeous Nicole. Hope the sun shines on you during your day today..Hugz to you,

  5. That one is really beautiful! I hope some sun comes your way (and mine) soon!


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