Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello Everyone!
and happy St Patrick's Day!!!
I have been up since 2. Yes that is 2 AM. Just couldn't sleep. I have a beading project almost finished, just a few more rows and I can put it all together. Not much news going on here. I am staying off of my foot. Do you know just how sick I am of "sitting"? I am use to being busy, on my feet and doing things. Plus, I truly miss my daily work outs. Tomorrow is Mike's birthday, 56 years isn't sitting well with him. LOL Yes he is younger than me. So because we have to go to town today I think I will take him out to lunch. We have decided no gifts this year. Tomorrow I will bake him a cake. He loves sweets.
So I am wishing all of you a happy day. Green beer and Corn Beef. Wow what a way to celebrate a Saint. LOL

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mike!! I am sure he will enjoy his lunch and cake! Green beer never has appealed to me much-- Now the corned Beef I Love...

  2. Happy Birthday to Mike! No green beer here either, although I did make corned beef and Irish soda bread. I know sitting is boring, but just look at all the beading you are getting done, LOL!


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