Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Face off FFO

 Hey Everyone!

Ahh today is  Friday Face Off, (FFO) and I welcome anyone who wants to join in. Link your blog post that features a face. It's that simple.  
My face today is a drawing, well, a freaky drawing. LOL
This was so much fun to draw.
Here are a few older pieces too.



The next 5 days we have rain. 
The garden is covered 
but I did manage to pick these early today.
Now I want to feature Rain from
She is an incredible lady that shares her many talents in so many ways. Please visit her blog and then click onto her you tube channels. You won't be disappointed. She made this special for FFO. Thanks Sis!

I am linking up with Gillena at Lunch Break, Art for Fun Friday.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Friday.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

TAD Thursday Art Date with Rain


Today is TAD, ya know that's
Thursday Art Date and the beautiful Rain is the host. Each week she has a theme to follow....or not. The choice is yours. This week is flowers blooming. Like a lot of you our weather has everything blooming and growing late so I have located some flowers from last year.

The photos of the flowers were taken in April of 2021. This year I have no flowers yet.





I want to share 2 garden hacks that I use and know work. The first is getting rid of baby flies. You don't want them in the garden dirt but it is almost impossible to keep them out. Take some cheap apple cider vinegar and some clear dish soap.

In a pie tin add maybe 1/4C of vinegar and a 1t of soap. 
Set the tins in your garden and watch the flies die. The smell also keeps other critters away too.

The next one I swear by. I got this from an English gardener on Youtube, Project diaries.
I'll put the link below but know I have changed the recipe a bit.
This is a repellent for anything from rodents to deer and anything in between.
You will need
4C strong peppermint tea, 3T chili powder, 3T garlic powder, 2t onion powder, 2t chili oil (if you don't have it any oil will be fine). 
Make the tea and add all ingredients to hot water. Let stand for 4 hours. I do put mine in the fridge. Now for the fun. You want to strain this until you have all the granules removed from the liquid. I start with a small strainer then go to cheese cloth. Once it is strained I pour into a spray bottle and keep in the fridge. Now, if you don't get it strained enough it will clog the sprayer. I also warm it just a bit when I get ready to use it.




 I allow this to dry and I spread around my yard. Wear gloved when you do this.

 Stand back and at arms length spray all your garden areas. I also use this on my fence line and around the barn. Don't allow the wind to spray it back into your face. It's burns. LOL

Have a great Thursday and be sure to stop by Rain's, she always has a lot going on over there.



Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Food Wednesday

Hi Everyone! 
Today is Food Wednesday over at Cathy's
The other night I made pork chops and sweet potatoes in my Intant pot with fried cabbage.
Pork shops are not my favorite so I have to put something on them. My choice is my homemade and canned applesauce. 

Sorry no recipes today. I will have some for next time.
Have a great Wednesday.

Monday, May 23, 2022

T Stands for Accomplishment

 Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Today is the T Party over at 
Bleubeards and Elizabeth's Come join in or just visit the party goers. 
I am feeling pretty good about all the accomplishments going on in our garden. With horrible weather the last 2 months it has finally given in to 4 days of sunshine. Amazing what a little sunshine will do for plants even if it's not hot. I was able to get more planted and tables set up to hold everything. Hey, I use what I have on hand. Mr. M. got the PVC pipe up around the big garden, and I actually picked my first radish of the year. I ate it in the garden. It was so sweet and good. Anther week and I will have my first harvest of them. The lettuce has started to come up too. Finally! Everything is growing slow this year due to the cold and rain. But take a look for yourself. 
Of course click on the photos to see them better.

 Mr. M. finishing the garden.

 I love the big garden and Mr. M. for building it.

 Herbs doing well

 More herb and in the back chamomile is coming up.

 The onions are doing really well as are the peas.

 We will have lots of beans this year.

 Here are more herbs, flowers, baby carrots and radish.

 The potatoes are amazing.

 Eggplant and beats out in the sunshine.

 The deck looks good and gets lots of sun when it's out. LOL


 More lettuce.

Grey Squash


 Peas are finally growing.

 Bush squash.


 Different type of beans

Now to get into the party I have to show a drink. I like my drinks ice cold and most of the time put them in the freezer for a bit.
The light part of the beer is frozen. LOL
Have a great Tuesday!