Monday, March 27, 2023

T Stands for Garden Stuff

 Hi Everyone!

Today is Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T-Party.
Be sure to stop by to see what everyone is doing. 
For me, the garden. We had 2, no snow, days and I took advantage of it. I put all of my plants outside to get them hardened. A job because I have to bring them all back in. It's still at or below freezing at night. On one of the days, I opened up the big garden. 

 From this 

 To this in just 30 minutes of taking it apart.

YAY! I was so happy to pull off the tarp and plywood to find the richest, worm filled soil. I had cardboard over the dirt as well and the worm castings were amazing. I won't have to put any extra in at all. 



 But then, I saw 5 or 6 citronella ants. NOT good. They were on top of the soil so I am hoping this is a good sign. I did write to the OSU the garden extension to see what they have to say about it. These ants are orange and 1/4" long and they tend to root aphids and mealy bugs so they can feed on the excretion. The fact that there have been no plants in the big garden for 7 months, and it has been blow freezing I just don't know why there would be root aphids in my soil. If any of you gardeners know about this please email me.
 I worked on the soil a bit and then got the poly hung because the next 2 weeks is rain, wind, hail and more snow. boo hoo hoo.

The other day I made a sugar free (made with splenda) white cake for a strawberry/banana treat for Mr. M. I will say the cake sucks. It's just me, I hate the taste of splenda. However, Mr. M. likes it so go for it dude. LOL
Most of you know I shop early in the AM and so the other morning I stopped in at Safeway/Albertsons. OMG they had meat on sale! I couldn't pass up on several items but mostly the London Broil. It was dirt cheap. This is the meat I can. So I bought 7 packages for under $38.00 Now I don't know what you pay for beef but for here, that is a great price. I know this photo only shows 6 packages, I have one piece on the slab already. LOL

I do trim as much fat off as I can

 This is a huge bowl and meat was toppling over.

 I got 14 pints of beef and 4 pints of chicken breast.

 The beef has seasoning and onions and is so tender out of the jar.

 For my drink I'm having an afternoon hot cup of coffee with cream. It is so cold today I thought that would warm me up.

See ya at the party


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Friday Face OFF 3/24/23

 Hi Everyone!

Welcome to FFO. This is the place to show off any type of face in any medium. 

I did get some drawing done this week. So much is going on in my life that I just wanted to draw. Drawing takes me away. Makes me focus on the lines instead of whatever is going on.

This is the first one. I really like her face.

The second one was fun and I played with different techniques to see how they would turn out.
I also got 2 more Witche's Bells finished. These are larger, 5" grapevines. I have 2 more to go and I will be finished.

There is so much history on bells that it would be difficult to write about all of it here. The earliest archaeological evidence of bells dates from the 3rd millennium BC, and is traced to the Yangshao culture of Neolithic China. Clapper-bells made of pottery have been found in several archaeological sites. The pottery bells later developed into metal bells. In West Asia, the first bells appear in 1000 BC.

 It seems that every culture, religion and belief system have a connection to bells. They all believed they did the same thing. The ringing of bells got rid of evil spirits, negative energy and of course the Church rang them to get rid of witches. In many cultures bells are put into jewelry, sewn onto childrens clothing, and of course put on animal collars. All for protection. Shopkeepers hung bells over their thresholds, not so much to alert them to the entry of customers but to keep evil spirits from entering their premises. Gremlin Bells, Guardian Bells, or Spirit Bells, are a good luck charm for motorcycle riders. The bell is said to protect them on their travels. It is attached to the lowest part of the frame. So you see having bells in your home, your car, your buisness, or maybe just wearing a small bell will keep the negative away from you. 
Now for the featured artist. I am so thankful for the number generator. As I have said before I could not make the choice. Everyone is so talented.

I am also linking with Gillena
Now it's your turn to show me your face.

Monday, March 20, 2023

T stands for this n that.

 Hi Everyone!

I always get lovely comments from all of you, however, there is one that stands out this week from Andrea From the Sol. In part she writes; When is your show and how do those of us who don't live in the northwest get to see your art and perhaps purchase something? Every time I come over here, I think to myself, I would like to have that ... hmmm and here I am doing it again. You should have a shop or something, right?
Well, for about 10 years I had a brick n mortar and then went strictly on line for about 30 years.  A year after covid hit my business failed NOT due to me. So to answer her question, "No I do not have a shop." At first it was terrifying not to have an income. Now, I have settled into a different kind of life and doning a show once a year is fine with me. As for purchasing my art all one has to do is email me. She also asked about the story behind Witche's Bells I will tell it all on FFO.
I had a real burst of energy this weekend. Must be the prednisone. LOL
I was so excited last week to find heavy whipping cream on sale, that I neglected to see what the fat content was. I won't do that again. I made about 5 lbs of butter. 
Of course it has to be made in batches. If you don't know, the fat content should be 40% or more.  Most cartons are only 30 to 33% fat if not stated on the front of the carton. Less fat, less butter and more butter milk. It also takes longer to whip.
A month or so ago I bought some bare root plants. I have never used them before so I did a bit of research. From everything I have read when you open the package and remove the material there should be a large mass of roots. I opened the Hydrangea to fine hardly any roots at all. How disappointing. I followed the instructions any way and planted it in a pot instead of the ground. I put in a self watering spout and if it makes it, it makes it. Then it started to rain, which I was expecting, so an umbrella for this plant will help control the water.



The umbrella is not my idea. I saw it on line. They are very inexpensive but very high quality. From Oriental Trading company. I have been ordering from them for decades and shipping is fast.

Next, I bought some new pots n pans a few months ago. I'm so unhappy that the cooking manufactures no long put the heat gard for the handles. How stupid. When looking for a set I found these. Put out by the Pioneer Woman who has a cooking show. I wanted a set that actually gave enough lids and each pot and pan has silicon so you can touch the handles. Now I am NOT a farm girl type at all. The bonus casserole is not to my liking but I will give these an A++++

I made some Almond flour cookies that look so pretty. The first day they were bit gritty. Not my fave but wanted to give Mr. M. a treat. Now that they have sat in a container for a few days they are very soft and not as gritty.
For dinner one night I made stir fry. I haven't made it in years. It was so good

Now to get  into the T-Party, hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabth, I have to show a drink. Oj with a bit of sparkling water Hmmm sooooo refreshing.


Have a lovely day today.