Thursday, October 22, 2020

Commission piece paint party friday

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I wasn't able to show the art project I had for TAD with Rain because in addition I was working on a commission piece. A customer of mine, who orders off my website, asked if I could draw something for her mom. Her mom just turned 100 years old and has a doll that she got when she was 8 years old. My customer wanted me to draw the doll. I don't know what I was expecting but holy crow I was a bit nervous about drawing this. Ya know am I good enough, can I do it, will she like it. 
Here is the picture of the doll.

She didn't want the plaid or the background sheet. Just the doll. 
I was thinking thank the gods for that. LOL
I printed off several copies from the image she sent to me and got started.

I forgot to take a photo of when it was just sketched out. 
I get so into the project that photos are a second thought.
Here is a closer up of what is on the easel.
This took many hours and even with out knowing if I could do this I had a lot of fun with it.

Here is the finished piece. 
I will let it set a few days or longer and then look at it again. 
I have to trim the paper and spray it. Then mail it off. I did send a photo off to the customer and she love's it. I am so glad for that. 

 Yeah the lighting on the photo is darker on one side but you get the idea. 
The lace was tricky too.

Come by Paint Party Friday to see what other artists have created for this week.

Enjoy your day.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

TAD with Rain Urban Legends

Hi Everyone!
Well, I had a very cool art piece for today's theme for TAD but I ran out of time and didn't get it finished. Boo hoo hoo. However, there are a few things about urban legends I can share. Every place in the world has an U. L. If you want to see just one in your state check out this sight. 
I didn't realize that there are some pretty good ones very close to my home. The most famous is the Rue or gray lady of the Heceta lighthouse.  Also this is the most photographed light house in the world and is a B&B    Oregon Urban Legands

So because I didn't get my project finished, I will show some spooky art from the past. 
The reason I didn't get my TAD done is because I was working on my commission. If you come back tomorrow I will show what I have been doing. I'll post it with PPF.
The forest is always a bit spooky at night. There are several U.L. about the forest and a very good movie about this is simply call the "The Forest" with Natalie Dormor. One of my faves.

Again I apologize for not having my project finished, but I hope this in some way fits the bill.
Be sure to stop by TAD with Rain to see what all the artist have come up with. 
Also stop by here tomorrow to see what has been keeping me so busy.
Be safe out there.
 Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

I am so blessed

Hi Everyone!
This year has been hard on everyone. It doesn't matter where you live the world is in chaos, due to covid (and other things) that has brought out the worst and the best in people. I am going for the best today. I have a very good friend, that moved from Florence last year, named Donna. Donna and her DH are master gardeners and for years tried to get me to grow a garden.  I think I tried a few things but just wasn't into it. Why, should I when Donna gifted me from her garden? :) Anyway, Donna moved to the high desert here in Oregon and the other day I received a surprise box from her. I couldn't imagine what it was. I am the girl that can't wait to open packages. I sprayed the box with disinfectant and ripped into it. I was in awe.
It is a 415 page, hard bound Veggie cook book. The pages are filled with 200 recipes and full colored photos. It truly is a beautiful cook book.
 Maybe some of you have this book already?

All the photos are high quality and beautifully staged. I am going to make this today.
Green lentil and spinach soup. That just sounds so good to me. 
Since I am on the subject of food. I want to answer a comment I received from Lisca from Scrapping Cavewoman blog  Last Tuesday I mentioned that I went grocery shopping and when I got home sterilized the food. Lisca queried about that.  
Long before covid some thirty years long before, some friends and I toured a food preparation factory, in fact we toured several that day. Seeing how food is manufactured and then stored made me realize how...... un clean everything is. Ohhh there are regulations and the food itself is as good as it can be, however the cans, boxes and bags that the food go into are not so. All of these things are stacked in warehouses that can't help but have rats, mice, birds, and what ever else roaming around. Then this food is taken to big box store warehouses where there is the same situation. From there food is taken to stores where it is put on the shelf. Now, in my younger days I worked for a large grocery store chain and believe me when I say, Yuck. Once the store is open you have people shopping and a good lot of them are NOT clean or aware of what they are doing. The pick up a can of corn look at then put it back. We have all done this. I don't know where that hand has been. Who has touched the food and put it back. Who has coughed or sneezed on the row of items. I am telling you working in a grocery store shows you just how gross people and especially kids can be. Now with covid EVERYTHING that comes into my house gets sterilized.
I have been teased about this over the many years, but I don't really care. If it makes me feel safer then I will do it. 
P.S. before covid I wore a mask when I went out during the winter.
With lupus I try not to take any chances. 
What do you do to feel safer?
Enjoy your day.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

It's TAD and later PPF

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited about TAD with Rain  
Her theme this week is Supernatural. Ohhh right up my alley. Supernatural can go in so many directions. For me it is a world like non other. 
However, as explained on line
The supernatural encompasses all entities, places and events that would fall outside the scope of scientific understanding of the laws of nature. This includes categories of entities which transcend the observable Universe, such as immaterial beings like angels, gods, and spirits.
For my first piece I made a molded leather scull, I actually had this made waiting for something. 
The leather is deer hide painted. The eyes are all glass, some are digital cabs and some are fused glass. The baby skulls are plastic as is the rib bones that hold my beadwork. I had beaded this piece  a while back but my hands wouldn't allow me to finish it. 
So the pewter goddess bird with bat wings looks over this land.
The 3rd eye scull watches the spirit world
All other eyes are on you. (wicked witch laugh) 





The walk of doom, or an escape?

Dose anyone remember the Twilight Zone episode "To serve Man?" The gist of it is that human volunteers to go to  Kanamits' home planet. It is a political ploy to rid hunger and other things happening on planet earth. The end is when the star, Patty, runs up screaming,
 "Mr. Chambers, don't get on that ship! The rest of the book To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!"
This is what came to my mind when I  was painting this. Here is the full episdoe
Around my house I found several more "Supernatural" art piece. 




This is another world that live up on my shelf.



This is a very large piece of molded leather skull with hands in a painted graveyard


I just had to show my white walker.

I hope this all fits the bill and you have enjoyed your time here.
I will be linking up with Paint Party Friday tomorrow.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Wednesday Wonderings

Hi Everyone!
Well for some wonderful reason yesterday I was filled with energy. I cleaned and sanitized my house, organized my art room, played in the garden after the storm and created some art. Wish I had that kind of energy everyday. LOL Making sure I did some art was important, I need to get myself in the right mode for AEDM with Leah. I hope all of you will join in. The rules are pretty lax and I have met some of the nicest people there. Alison from reminded me that AEDM is where we met. There is nothing quite like the challenges we all join in with, not only do they peek our creative spirits, but we get a chance to meet people and see art that we would not be able to other wise. While I am on the subject, if you have not joined in with TAD with Rain then you are missing out on pure joy. I will tell you that I thought creating art with a theme would box me in, or hamper me in some way. It is just the opposite and Rain comes up with the best themes. This week is "Supernatural" and tomorrow is when to link up so you still have time to join in. Check out her blog. Then there is the wonderful T gang over at Bluebeard and Elizabeth. On Tuesdays bring a drink related post and you are in. Last but certainly not least is Paint Party Friday. I have been showing my art with Eva and Kristen for 10 years.  
There are many more out there too.
 If you have a place to challenge the artist leave the link in my comments.

I found this lovely lady on line and had to draw her. She just had a kind face, oh and very 
short, curly hair which is still not my forte. LOL

I mentioned the storm, this is the rain on my window
 And later in the evening when the storm was over I gathered these goodies.

Well that's it for this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day 
and be safe out there.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

T stand for I Need Coffee

Hi Everyone!
UUUhhhgggg I need coffee! I haven't said that in 5 years. LOL. Yesterday Mr. M. and I had to go to  Salem, OR. OMG it is such a long drive. Mr. M. sees a doctor there and his appt. was later than normal. 2PM When we go to Salem we also go to Costco and Winco to do real shopping. I got up at 6AM made some chicken in the air fryer for a picnic and got things ready to go. 
We left at 9AM to do the shopping first.
 Still in Oct. there is so much tourist traffic. Ya know motor homes and out of state drivers. It's truly like they come to Oregon and forget how to drive. Anyway we turn off to go the back roads. It is so pretty and peaceful and not much traffic. To make this long story short the drive home seemed like we were in that movie where the further you go, the further you have to go. We were both so tire. We finally pulled into the drive way at 6:30 PM. Then I had to sterilized all the food and put it away. I was exhausted as was Mr. M. So I said all of that to say.......
 Uhhhhggg I need coffee this morning. giggle

Here is the cup I am drinking. This "real" gray color cup is my fave.
This is for T for Tuesday with the wonderful Bluebeard and Elizabeth.
Be sure to stop by to see all of the T gang today. 

Here are some shots I got on the way to Salem.


This is HWY 126 about 20 miles out.


Of course there is ALWAYS road work.


This is what "they" call the woods here.


There are many historic bridges on the OR coast  McCullough was the state bridge engineer from 1919 to 1935


Through this area you will find different types of weights to hold the electrical wires from all the wind we get here.


One of our back road turns. Salem isn't listed on here because it is still too far away. LOL


Not much fall colors here. I thought this would be a good picture to paint.


This is just one of the wheat fields that is so green it looked florescent. There are fields for miles and the rain makes this color almost unbelievable.

If you notice in the photos the clouds are almost always ready to burst. 15 years here and I can't get use to the dark gray most of the time. 
Ohhh and it is raining now as I look out my window. 
Not complaining the fires still burn here and the rain is welcomed.

Today I am cleaning house and hoping to get in the art room.

What does your day plan look like?
Nicole/DVArtist Hono
 and integrity in art, in life.