Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thursday Art Date & PPF

Hi Everyone!

Well it has been a long week with me out of town most of it. Monday a very long day in Coos Bay getting the car it's big tune up. Tuesday, in Eugene getting an hour long MRI. I have had hundreds so I am use to them and actually fall asleep during the ordeal. No, I have not heard from the dr on the results. Wednesday, blood work and today pharmacy and groceries. I just want a day in so I can create. Ohhh it sounds like all I do is go to the doctor. I promise if I didn't have this eye thing going on I don't usually go. Soooo.... What to show for art. These are very old pieces and some of you I am sure have seen them before. 
I am linking these up with Paint Party Friday

My favorite piece I will never sell.

A time where I was learning noon light.

The front rocks are made with egg shells. A timely endeavor.

More moon light.

Just strange

These were commission pieces.

Mr Man sculpted leather

This was created for my family who passed.

I just loved the colors

Thinking of AK.

For Thursday Art Date with Rain the prompt is Chinese New Year.
Again no art but I find this interesting.
For the year 2020, the main zodiac element is metal, and the animal sign is Rat, and hence, 2020 will be the Year of the Metal Rat. The Chinese year will last from January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021.


Have a great weekend everyone! 
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday Memories

 Hi Everyone!

Here it is Monday Memories. I have been thinking of my babies, well not babies to anyone but me. LOL  So here they are.

Me with my Son and new born daughter.

 Me with my three nieces.
 Me with my great granddaughter and my youngest grandson.

I love this photo. Me, my daughter, my Nan and my Mom.

Me with my daughter

Me with my Son
Oh and just me.
I was at a petting zoo. 
 Have a wonderful day.

 Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Jan 19

Hi Everyone!

It amazes me how fast this month is going by. Too much going on in the world and in my little part of that world. What I want to say to you today is, thank you to all of you  for the wonderful comments and your beautiful blog posts. Most of all for the emails that have been sent to me with the most personal information. The trust you have put in me to share these things humbles and honors me. We are all going through something, the something that can drop us to our knees. Some keep it close and don't share it. Some, like me write it down for all to see.  For me, writing it, getting it out of me releases the negative that it holds in my spirit. Then, all of you send well wishes, prayers, remember me in ceremony, and that my dear friends is healing in the most crucial sense. It doesn't matter what your belief system is, the power of how you get your message across, that power of coming together and agreeing is the force that gets it done.  Know that every morning I send out blessing to all of you.
Have the best Sunday!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

More Cabs by Beadwright

Hi Everyone!

Huurraayyyy. I know that creepy prednisone is out of my system because I am full of energy and cleaning the clutter in my art room. LOL If you know me at all you know I am a clean freak and hate clutter.  I also finished up another round of cabochons. (pronounced cab O shawn) For my non beading pals, and I was asked this in a comment, cabochons or cabs have typically been used in jewelry making.  Cabs can be made out of any material but in the older days precious and semi precious stones were cut into all sizes and shapes of cabs.  As the beading world began to explode in the early 1990s cabs began to be made out of any material imaginable. From glass, wood, carving stone, clay,  resin, polymer, digital, tooooo well, if you can name it has probably been made into some type of cab. In my 50 year career in beading cabs were an essential part of my jewelry. However,  I have always used cabs in my leather sculpture and multimedia art as well. You can see more of my cab at where I also hand paint glass cabs. Beaders and artists alike purchase my cabs, and of course the best beading foundation is my Nicole's BeadBacking. OK, I am plugging. LOL
Hope this explains a bit about cabs. 

My new cabs
Molded Resin 3-D cabs

Another type of Molded Resin 3-D cabs

Fused Glass Cab. Beadwork by Me.

Petrified Wood Cab beadwork by me.

Hand Painted glass cab and beading by me.

Hand painted glass cab beading by me. I love this one I actually have polka dot leather for the finish. 

Two faced clay cab beading by me.

Floating tea cup leather sculpture by me. 

There are two cabs tea fall. Can you find them?

Have a great Saturday.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Friday, January 17, 2020

PPF and Rain's Thursday art date

Hi Everyone!

I have been busy making books and glass cabochons. I tried to take photos yesterday but the lighting was just horrible. Soooo for Paint Party Friday. Thanks to Eva and Kristen for hosting every week and to the amazing artists that show some of the best creations. 
 These are just three of the 30 cabs I made.

 Rain's Thursday art date is an interesting prompt. Jagged and ice. Now I will admit that these are not my photos, I didn't have time to go through old photos of Mendenhall Glacier in AK. However, I have been there many times exploring the beauty of it. There is something eerie and foreboding about going into an ice cave. Then, the blue of the ice takes you in and you become mesmerized by the depth of it.   

Have a great day everyone!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.