Monday, September 25, 2023

T Stands for posting early

 Hi Everyone!

Today is the Tuesday Party over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's. Tell a story, show some art but make sure you share a drink. 
I will tell you that I am absolutely whipped from the show. Not just the day but a year long venture of creating creatures and other witchy items. Not to mention that my body is just not up to it any more. Over 3 decades, and I have never counted them, but I will say well over a 1000 shows all over the US, a few in Canada and a showing in Japan. I love doing shows but I found this time around that at 71, my body is telling me enough is enough. So this may be my last show. Hmmm we will see.
I'm sharing just a few photos today and the bulk of the show for FFO.
 Here are the twin sisters. Corps and dressed. They both sold.



The rain held off until 2:30ish. It was dark and overcast all day. Then the temp dropped. I actually had to go in and get a coat. Then the rain. I have an excellent pop-up so nothing got wet. Now we are in a bomb cyclon. WoW! No rain for months and months and now this. OK, whatever.
I just didn't feel like cooking last night so I pulled pizza dough from the freezer and for the second time in a week we had pizza. Hey, when my pizza is this good why not?
This is onions, (from my garden) orange and yellow peppers, 3 kinds of cheese, and a bit of cut up dry salami. YUMMM!!
 Now for my drink.
I will admit I have been drinking beer. I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes so it is just starting to get icy. It is soooo refreshing. However, I don't like beer with my pizza. LOL

That's it for now.

Friday, September 22, 2023


 Oh I have my days all messed up.
Sorry I'm late.

Welcome to FFO.

Yes, my show is tomorrow and the rain has let up. If you are in my area you better stop by to see me. LOL

You know the rules but just in case you are new to FFO.
 This is where you can show any kind of face in any medium. Let your imagination go wild. Then link your blog to this one, link up with MR. Linky and start leaving comments. You will not be disappointed.
Now it's time to show me your face.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


 Hi Everyone!
Today is TADD with Rain. Her theme this week is, Smoke, I do have the option NOT to do the theme and I am taking that option. LOL
I've been doing a bit of baking. First I made one of the best apple crisps. Ya know how some things just turn out perfect? My friend came over for coffee and crisp. Uhhh she had 2 big helpings. She said it was the best crisp she had ever eaten. Now that just makes me feel so good. Between Mr. M. and my friend I got one bite out of this. Uhh that's OK.
Last night I baked a fresh peach cake. I had some crumble left over from the crisp and added it to the top of the cake.
I made this because the peaches were getting too soft.

Mr. M couldn't wait for this to cool off so he got it hot. LOL Cinnamon and peaches how can you go wrong?
From sweets to onions. 
I don't think  I have shown all of the onions I got from my garden this year. I did give a dozen away I have used about a dozen.
The difference in taste from store bought is not even comparable.

Then I grew these scallions from the ends of organic scallions. These are the last 4. Again the taste is amazing.
I dry the root ends to use for hair for dolls and creatures. 

Also, I finally found Mexican Oregano. If you have never used it, please do yourself a favor and try it. It has a different taste than Italian Oregano and is sooo darn good.
I added this to my garden grown eggplant.
They didn't get very big but the flavor is huge.

I wish I had taste-a-vision. LOL

One last thing then I have to run some errands. This Saturday is my show. We have NOT had rain in 4 months. Rare for us. However, it is supposed to rain the rest of this week and Saturday, the day of my show. I am asking EVERYONE, no matter what your belief system is to ask for no rain in Florence, OR. on Saturday the 23rd. 
Spells, prayers, wishes, intentions, chants, what ever you do, I accept them all. 
Thank you so much.

Wishing everyone a great day today.

Monday, September 18, 2023

T Stands for ....

 Hi Everyone!

Today is T-Day over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's. Come visit to see what everyone is doing these days.

For me....I'm on the last leg of getting ready for my show. It's this Saturday and if you are in the Florence, OR. area stop on by. 

I have been trying to collect as many skulls and skeletons as I can afford to keep me going until next year. 
(I have a very strict art budget.)
I love Joanne's Fabric. I got all of these for %50 off and then the cashier hit a coupon for me and I got all of this for the price of one skeleton, which is under $35.00.
The skeletons are 3' tall, the skulls are 9". That's a big size.
The Monkey is 16" and the frog is 7".
All of these are very high quality with moving parts. I love em!
When was the last time you made Rice Crispy Treat? It's been decades for me. Why would I have the ingredients for this? A few months ago I wanted some cold cereal. (Something I don't eat) I got R.C. OMG they are horrible. So as not to let the box go to waste I made this. Now this is good! :)

 I'm working with a lot of heat and things that can burn my hands. I got these excellent heat resistant gloves, that actually fit me, from Amazon for just a few bucks. They are perfect.


 I'm not complaining, Just asking a question. Where you live how much has food gone up? Today, I bought 2 gallons of milk, 2 loaves of bread, (buy one get one free) ha ha ha.  5 apples, 4 peaches (both on sale) 1 bottle of 7-UP $40.00 
I had the cashier to go over the receipt. I know her so it was not a problem. It was right.  Also gas is $4.70 a gal.

My drink this week is sparkling, ice cold, 

7 UP. This was in the freezer, I love my drinks right at the freeze zone. LOL

Well that's it for now. See ya at the party.


Thursday, September 14, 2023

Friday Face OFF Tutorial 9/15/23

 Welcome to Friday Face OFF, (FFO) 
This week I start with a drawing that is not creepy. This was a warm up piece, but I like her smile.
Now for these;
First a note on safety. I figure people know to be safe with tools but using a heat gun needs a bit of a warning. Use as directed for your heat gun. NEVER touch anything but the handle and adjustment switch. 
All photos can be clicked on for closer look.

 I was able to get these skeleton spiders and Bi-Mart but can be purchased on line as well.

 Step one wrap the entire spider, except the head with plastic. Not plastic wrap it is too thin. I use plastic bags. A small drop of hot glue keeps the plastic in place.

 I use my heat gun outside because my smoke alarms are very sensitive. LOL

 Adjust the space between the heat and the wrap. You don't want to burn it, or get too close or the warp comes off the spider frame.

 You want it to look like crinkled skin with a few holes to the bone. There are other tricks to make muscle too but I will show that later.

 Next I applied acrylic paint to this one. I wiped off all of the excess.

This one I used wood stain on it.

 I have some fuzzy, hairy looking yarn that I cut the ends off and attached them to the darker spider. It made a great effect.

 This lighter one got a hairy coat from rabbit fur I have. Both were painted with red nails and black beaks. I made the eyes with clay.

 OMG how did these guys sneek in here. Zombie Rats on my counter.


The main question I'm asked is do I copy or create. Yes, and No. About a decade ago I took a course on making creatures. Over the years I have used and updated the techniques I learned from that. I also got involed with the product Elimorph and things did morph into what I create today. Like any type of art, once a technique is learned, other techniques grow from that. I have made new types of skin, body parts and other ideas from what I learned years ago. I find interesting items and my first thought is what creepy thing can I make from it. LOL I truly love my art right now. I would wish that for every artist.

This weeks feature is;
By Eaghl  I do love the way she draws.
I also want to pay tribute to 
Deb at She Who Seeks. She has been taking a human portraits course and has simply excelled in the class. 
This is her last portrait, for the course and you have to read what she wrote about it. 

I'm also linking up with Gillena

You know the rules but just in case you are new to FFO.
 This is where you can show any kind of face in any medium. Let your imagination go wild. Then link your blog to this one, link up with MR. Linky and start leaving comments. You will not be disappointed.
Now it's time to show me your face.

Monday, September 11, 2023

T Stands for bad hip

 Hi Everyone!

Sorry for this post. The yard sale went very well but because I was on my feet for 6 hours, not to mention, lifting, and setting up. I really messed my hip up. I only did the yard sale 1 day. I have been babying my hip trying to stay out of the ortho for hip replacement. I f@#$#$%% hate getting old! I haven't mentioned it before but I'm looking at hip and foot surgery. Hopefully not at the same time. Siggghhhh....

So linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth to say, I hope everyone is well.

See you Friday for FFO


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Friday Face OFF 9/8/23

 Hi Everyone!
I'm writing this early, like Wednesday. I have a dental appt. tomorrow morning for what I hope is the finale extraction. If I am feeling OK, we will drive over to Coos Bay to do some shopping. Then home to rest. Friday and Saturday is my yard sale and I can't believe the "stuff" we have to sell. Please send up the selling prayers/spells for me. Then, if anything is left over it's going to the Elks. 
So, I have not had time to make any knew faces so you get old ones. LOL
Quite a few years back I had a commission to draw this doll. I was really worried because I had never drawn lace before. I figured it out and the person was very happy with it. 
One I really like.

I also like this.
Then I found these. Give a good look at what I have drawn.





I did start a new drawing but like I wrote I have been a bit busy getting yard sale and show ready. Next week I have a tutorial for you on these. In addition I will be answering some of your questions.

 How cool are these guys?

With their cute little faces.

 Now for the feature. First is,
He is an amazing artist and writer.
Second but certainly not last is my dear friend Barbara. Before I opened FFO to the public, Barbara and I started this challenge every week. It is so nice that she has dropped by to entered this little cutie.

I'm also linking up with Gillena
You know the rules but just in case you are new to FFO.
 This is where you can show any kind of face in any medium. Let your imagination go wild. Then link your blog to this one, link up with MR. Linky and start leaving comments. You will not be disappointed.
Now it's time to show me your face.