Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Post

 Hi Everyone!
I don't normally post on Sunday but I have been a bit absent and wanted to share a few things. Most of it is garden, I have several food items but will save that for TADD. 
First I am so happy that Mr. M. built me a new shelf to hold more of my canned goods. I love this minimalist look. This is the 3rd one he has made for me.

 Perfect fit. 


I painted it sage and started filling it up. The shelves will hold 52 pint jars and 30 quart size jars. I am happy.

 I did a big harvest of dill today 

 Onions are taking a turn in the sun to dry.

 Baby fingerling carrots. I got almost 5 lbs.   Sweet as can be.   This is just part of them.

 The first cucumbers. Such a weird growing year.


 The last of the peas. I can't tell you how many I harvested this season. Hundreds and hundreds.

 I couldn't help myself. Coleslaw made with cabbage, onions and carrots from the garden.

 Lemon Mint


Lemon Balm.

 The herbs before harvest. I am still waiting on the sage.

 I showed this flower the other day.

 Since then it grew more little flowers.









I hope everyone is well. I will be catching up on comments today.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Face Off 8/12/22

 Hi Everyone!!

This is Friday Face Off. The place where you can share any kind of face in any medium.
I'm writing this on Thursday because tomorrow is the start of more medical scans. Tonight I have to drink half of a contrast and then the rest in the morning. Oh what fun. LOL 
Thank you all for the wonderful get well wishes. 
Last week I mentioned that I am going to be exploring more male faces with graphite. Here is this weeks. 
It's been an interesting week as I look through my house I notice the faces that live here.

 These 2 I got on one of my trips to Mexico.


 This is a beaded face surrounded by fabric and set in a cut and painted gourd.


 A large face beaded and set on painted wood.




And I found this old photo of my Mom. 
I see me in this photo.
This week my featured FFO winner is,
I am linking up with Gillena
Now it's your turn.
 I invite anyone to join in that features a face of any kind, in any medium on their blog. Simple rules; link back to my FFO on your blog, link up with Mr. Linksy, leave me and the other participants a comment. You really want to see what everyone else has contributed.
Thank you! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

T stands for quick post

 Hi Everyone!

This will be a very quick post for T-day.
Bleubeard and Elizabeth host this every week. 
Up for more scans this week and next. Still not 100% and feeling it.
I found 2 new flowers in my garden. 
This is an odd but gorgeous color
and these popped up in them mix.
Cucumbers are finally showing.
I couldn't be happier with my dill.
My drink for the party is water.
Water cold, water hot, or water at room temp. It's a good think I already do drink a lot of water. It's just about all I can drink right now.
Fred Meyer Purified Drinking Water - 40 ct
I will try to get to everyone for comments but please forgive me if I can't.
I will be posting for Friday Face Off so come join in.
Have a great day

Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Face Off 8/5

Yay it's Friday Face Off!
I hope you all join in. It's so easy. See the rules at the end of the post.
For my face today I have another graphite. 
It is the easiest art to do while "resting" LOL Seeing this on my pc it is truly a terrible photograph.
Once in a while I try a guy face, in fact I do have many. I want to focus on male faces for awhile. The structure is a bit different and I want to explore that. Now, I am NOT going for extreme realism. That takes a real talent and even though I try to pick up some tips form those artist, I am too impatient. LOL This guy has a great smile though.
Some faces in my house.

 A gift.

One of mine

 The next 4 faces I got on a tip to Mexico.



 This one is leather.

This weeks featured face today is;
Lira the dog. How can you not love this face?
I am also linking up with 
 Now it's your turn to show me your face. 
Have a great weekend.