Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Weird Art Wednesday is Lupus Awareness

 Hi Everyone!

I hope you are not getting bored with lupus awareness month. I want to say that any autoimmune disease should be brought to the forefront. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a cousin to lupus. Lupus can be linked to other health conditions, one of which is Raynaud’s disease. Up to a third of people with lupus develop this condition that temporarily restricts circulation, primarily in fingers, toes and nose. Raynaud’s disease is considered a cardiovascular condition, which means it involves the heart and blood vessels. The other autoimmune that I have is Sjogrens. Sjogren's syndrome is an immune system illness. Sjogren's often occurs with other immune ailments, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The two most common symptoms are dry eyes and a dry mouth. Eyes might itch or burn. The mouth might feel full of cotton
Treatments include eye drops, medicines and eye surgery to relieve symptoms. This is a serious disease. If Sjogren's syndrome isn't treated appropriately, significant, long-term complications could result that affect your eyes, mouth, lungs, kidneys, liver or lymph nodes — complications including blindness, significant dental destruction and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Now you know why I have had so much dental work done.
Sorry for all of the reading. It's just that since I have been doing "LAM" so many of my blogging friends have emailed saying they think they have lupus, what should they do next? Or several people have come out and said they do share their body with lupus. Talk about it, share it, let people know what lupus is.



 There is NO cure for lupus!!

Wishing all of you good health.



Monday, May 20, 2024

T Stands for Bye Bye to the Barn

 Hi Everyone!

I'm joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for the T-Party. Come join in or at least see what's going on over there. 

It's been a week. First the big beautiful tree had to come down and today the barn is down. 
I was so happy that Jason, the contractor, let me run the CAT. OMG! I forgot how much fun it is to run big machinery. 

Here is, what I call, the barn.
Here it is going down.

















 We have no front fence at all now and it will take time to get it replaced. I really dislike that, there is so much home robbery here for drugs.
Without the storage building everything is up against the side of the house. Oh well, the angels will protect us.... or not.
For my drink today I couldn't resist. I would love a coffee pot like this. :)
One more thing. It is lupus awareness month.

Also as much as I hurt exercise makes it better.

Wishing all of you good health.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Friday Face OFF at the foot doctor


 Welcome To Friday Face OFF (FFO)

This is the place to show off your faces or your face. Post any type of face from any medium. You can create it, or find it in nature, or even that face in the design of you 
woodwork in your house. 
Human, animal, alien, or monster. 
This week has been busy with trying to stay a float on health issues. My daughter got more horrible news about her health and so I ask that all of you keep her in your prayers. 
Mr. M. is hanging in there with his kidney and we are waiting for the insurance to approve his next procedure. 
I did so some drawing this week.
Without hair
and with hair.
I like it better with no hair. LOL 
The features this week are.

I will be linking up with Gillena for 

To remind everyone, this is Lupus Awareness month. This is to educate people about a disease that is called the silent disease. 

Wishing all of you good health.
Now it's your turn to show me your face.

Lupus Awarness

 Hi Everyone!

I was asked, in a comment, if there is a known cause for Lupus. There isn't. There are speculations from the medical society. The history of lupus is long and well written about. However, as most diseases, looking for a cure has been slow. Even treatment medications didn't come about until 2010. Before that it was, and in some cases today, hit and miss. Most of the medications are worse than the disease.
The problem with the above meme, is that the medications are extremely expensive and most insurance won't cover them.
As you know I have what I call, "lupus feet" A surgery last fall has left my foot, numb, tight tendons, and no feeling in my toes. At least I can still walk.

Head pain has been everyday of my life. Below explains it perfectly.

My brain fog has NOT gotten to this place. I play a lot of mind games, like Jeopardy, match games, cross word puzzles and I take herbs to help with brain activity. MRI has shown that I do have hundreds of white spots all over my brain. Of course no one can tell me what they are.

 Wishing everyone good health.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Weird Art Wednesday

 Hi Everyone!

So WAW has been overtaken by lupus awareness month.

Here is a photo from a friend of mine on FB

I really love this photo. When I first saw it I thought, "this is the creature that takes my life away." The lupus monster.

Yes, I have eye problems.




It's a lifetime battle.

Wishing all of you health.  


Monday, May 13, 2024

T Stands for cutting down the tree

 Hi Everyone!

Today I am linking up with 
When I look out my kitchen window there is a huge, beautiful tree. Last year I noticed that it didn't look very good. This year it looked even worse. I mentioned it to my land lord and the next thing I knew the tree was being cut down. 
My yard looks naked now. No, my neighbor doesn't mow his lawn. I won't say more.











 The tree got stuck.


 A little more cutting




Then he loaded it on a his trailer and the tree was gone. 
This is lupus awareness month. 

I am a lupus

Now it's time to share a drink so I can get into the party.
How about some late art?
This is too pretty to drink.
Have a great day today.