Saturday, April 20, 2019

Artist Feature Peggy Kemp

Hi Everyone!

The only think I can say is that I love this artist.
 So I introduce to you  
Peggy Kemp, in her own words.

Nicole has asked me to talk 
about my dolls and design process.
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love dolls. My sister and I played with them, made them clothes and accessories, and made dolls out of whatever we had to hand. I enjoyed sitting in the woods, making dolls and fairy houses out of moss and twigs. 
I still do.
This is Linda in the new combinations I made for her after the fire. I got her for Christmas when I was 5, cut most of her blonde hair off the same day, and got her again with a long red wig and new clothes when I was 10. She was badly damaged in the fire and ended up with a bobbed haircut. 

My mom taught me to embroider when I was 5. She was such a patient teacher! She would spend 10 minutes getting a knot out of her thread, something I still do. She transferred designs to old pillowcases or sheets and taught me all the stitches. 
She never dictated what colors I used, 
and I liked bright colors from an early age.
How do we evolve as artists? Either we specialize in one field and become very good at it, or we move through different interests and explore different media and ideas. In my teens, I started doing cross-stitch, and then needlepoint. I started with printed kits and French needlepoint canvases, and evolved into designing my own samplers, bookmarks, and Christmas ornaments.
I fell in love with fine Italian paper and leather and learned to bind books and set type. I applied to apprentice in the bookbinder’s union and was offered a position at the University of Washington bindery. I declined because it was a dark, smelly, stuffy and noisy place, all mechanized. 
That wasn’t what I wanted to do.
In my 30’s I was living in the woods in northern California. My husband had Lyme Disease and I was studying alternative healing and making embroidered healing dolls under the seven strong oaks in our back 40. This was the start of my shamanic healing practice and healing spirit dolls. I introduced beads after I started doing couched gold work.
I moved to Kauai in 1999. I didn’t make dolls or anything else for nearly 6 years. I was in a hula halau and it took all of my spare time and energy. They say “Hula is Life.” It was my life for 6 years and I will always value the lessons I learned and the community of other dancers. After the death of my father and a big fire, I reconsidered my life and path. I missed making art on a regular basis, I missed the dolls and the person I am when I’m making them. I missed gardening. I decided to leave the halau and dedicate that time each week to making art.
The first doll I made was a jointed “paper doll” constructed from reinforced poster board and dressed in removable fabric clothes. I made her up in the mountains in Kokee,
where my new husband and I spent 5 nights on our honeymoon. She was made for my friend Kapua’s birthday and featured her face. She has a green body as befits a forest spirit. Searching for flower and leaf beads, I found Robin Atkins  and her spirit dolls. She’s been a valuable mentor and friend ever since.

Where do I draw inspiration from? All around me, but especially from nature.
The next doll I made is called “Spirit of Croton”. It has a printed paper face and hundreds of tiny petals cut from croton leaves and glued down individually on a felt body. I still remember the burns I got from that glue gun. I don’t use much glue now… We were living in a tiny studio after the fire and the only landscaping was a long hedge of croton.

There followed many spirit dolls, gradually becoming more encrusted with beads. I tend to make things in cycles and when I get bored, I make something else. But everything I make has a “prayer in every stitch,” a focused intentional blessing for good.
One of my side-paths was into making pocket crowns. A good friend was going in for testing for a possible tumor, and she was anxious. She had been to a recent conference in which she was told she was a “Princess of God” and I wanted her to remember that. I made a tiny pocket crown that she could carry throughout the testing.

All my friends wanted one and they eventually got bigger and more elaborate. Matt told me he wanted to be a “Duke of God”, rather than a prince, so his says D-O-G. 

The pocket crowns were my introduction to 
Nicole’s BeadBacking, because I needed something to bead on that was soft and easily penetrated, but would keep its stiffness if it was carried in the pocket. The front was embroidered separately and attached with a picot stitch to the plain backing.
I spent many years making dolls of felt, gently stuffed. In 2015, I broke my leg and was laid up for a couple of months. I made a series of 21 healing dolls – 3 sizes of 7 colors that represented different healing principles. They are soft and plain on the back, so that you can comfortably hold them next to your face or heart. Some of these are still for sale on my website. 

I made mermaids, too. Wailani was commissioned for a friend who lacked confidence, so that is what I focused on during making her.
 When I’m working on a 

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Hi Everyone!

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Paint Party Friday

 Hi Everyone!

Sorry I missed all of you last week. My life is just getting busier and busier. On top of all the normal busy, I am going to model for an art group next month. I am looking forward to seeing how people see me. LOL I am also practicing. I sit for 20 minutes then a 5 minute break. The session goes from 1:30 to 4:00 PM. I am told they break up before 4 so that would be good. Oh and I get paid for it!  
I have been working on my website getting new cabs listed. 
These are different from what I normally make 
so I hope people like and buy them. 
The process takes about 3 days for each one.

I did make some of my normal cabs too

I am also making dragon skin cabs. OK, yes I am a huge fan of GOT LOL
This is made with leather. Looks soooo coool don't you think?

This project is a piece I have been working on as I get a few minutes to do so.
 Yes it is going slow. 
Another GOT tribute. It is the last season.

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This will help me continue....
Coffees on!

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Hi Everyone!

No photo description available.

Thank you
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Friday, April 5, 2019


Hi Everyone!

My life has turned busier than ever with working at the library and more involved with artists in our area. I like this very much, however it does not leave time for my own art and I don't like that. LOL So this week not much to show. I did have a morning that I drew. When Mike saw the drawing he commented that I had drawn this face before. I said I just like her face. LOL 

 And a few  more beaded flowers for my project.

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Graffiti Art

 Hi Everyone!

Well more busy days. First I painted my kitchen, that took me 3 days. The next day my brother and his wife came for a visit. Always so much fun with them, I am sorry they could only stay for 2 days. Then the art committee decided to make the ply wood that covers all the broken windows at the library a bit artsy. 
(see full story here) How about graffiti? So for 2 days I encourage patrons to make their marks. We had 6 large sheets of graffiti paper with prompts on them. Then people could write, draw, whatever. The kids were the best.
Then we pasted and tapped them up on the plywood. They look great!!!!
Click on image to see closer view.

So this is the only art I was able to do. 
Huichol beaded flower.
This is the first of many for a project 
I am working on. 

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Beady treat for PPF

Hi Everyone!

First I want to apologize for not being able to comment this last week.  Way too much going on in my life. Some bad some good.  As you know I have (had) my leather sculpture showing at our library.  Last weekend some idiot, in his 40's came by and threw bolders into 8 windows breaking them through into the library. Glass everywhere. The cops were there in 3 minutes and this guy is now in Lane Co jail. He had planned this well and wanted to get caught. About 6 months ago this same guy had a restraining order against him coming to the library. Anyway I had to take down part of my display.  No glass in my art thank goodness.  Good news is I have been busy with art and artists in my town. I also have an opportunity to sell my art for something special. Not giving too much detail right now. Just send good vibes that it all works out for me. I will know with in the next 30 days. My bead meeting is tonight also and I have some new fun things going on there.
With all my busy days I have only made one new thing. So I am going to show some old too. I promise to get to all of your blogs this weekend.
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My new piece
Here is some beady fun
This is a VERY short vidi.

All of these paintings are from 2014
The forefront of this is egg shells

  I painted these for my daughter

I always loved the brightness of this one.

This is one of my faves too.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

PPF Happy 8th Birthday

Hi Everyone!
Happy Paint Party Friday 8 years. Thank you Eva and Kristen for hosting PPF for all these years.  

Here are some of my Black to White pieces that were exhibited at the Siuslaw Library.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

PPF Introduction to Bead Artist.

 Hi Everyone!

For this Paint Party Friday I am introducing 
Rhonda Teris. She is an amazing bead artist and a very nice lady. So, in her own words I give you Rhonda Teris.
I worked in Accounting for various companies until an old neck injury, mid and lower back problems, and fibromyalgia forced me to quit. I have always loved arts and crafts and DIY projects. My grandmother was teaching me basic crochet stitches when she passed away – I was 11 at the time – and even though I only know single, double, and triple crochet I have made scarfs and blankets throughout my life.
About five years ago I was in Michael’s to get yarn, and I went into the jewelry making section. I thought it looked like fun, so I bought some stretch cord, beads and charms and started stringing. I made cute bracelets for the gals I worked with.
My son loved art so much he got his Master’s in Education at UC Santa Barbara, and is now an art teacher at Santa Barbara High School. When I have questions about color or design, he points me in the right direction. He suggested I get a color wheel and it sure helps me! I tend to overthink things so much that I end up exhausted with no solution. The color wheel is a great tool that I use quite a bit. He also explained why groupings with an odd number of objects/beads is more interesting to the eye than an even number. My son is very encouraging – no wonder his students love him! He told me about Craftsy, and I immediately created an account and started taking classes. The one on bead embroidery was my favorite. I put aside all the copper and wire I had been making wire wrapped jewelry with and dove into bead embroidery. I love all the crystals and beautiful beads that I work with, and I get compliments on my pieces when I do wear one.
I recently joined a couple of bead embroidery Facebook pages, and what a wealth of information and tips I get from other beaders! Everyone is so helpful, and I get constructive and honest tips and feedback and I truly appreciate it. There are also quite a few YouTube videos that walk you through making a cuff or other bead embroidered items. I also have books by Sherry Serafini, Heidi Kummli, and Jamie Cloud Eakin – fantastic instructions and easy to follow diagrams.
I stopped working in an office three years ago, and I am trying to support myself by doing notary work, taxes, and selling jewelry. I am still so new to beading and I know there is a lot more for me to learn – I wish I had found bead embroidery 20 years ago!
Rhonda also uses Nicole's BeadBacking for her beading foundation. To help her color wheel there are 18 different colors. 
Here are just a few of Rhonda's lovely beading.

Click on the photos to see larger view. 

Hope you enjoyed this.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.