Thursday, May 25, 2017

PPF Ellimorph Faces Cabs

Hi Everyone!

I have had a great week in the art room. Lots of new things made and fun products to play with.
First I want to thank Eva and Kristen for hosting Paint Party Friday
Second a big thanks to all the artists who join in to share their art. 
 Art for this week is still on schedule  for My Art Everyday. 
I am at 145 pieces of art in 145 days. Here are a few of them.

I was happy with her hand. 

Huichol beading on leather La Loba Espiritural numeral dos.
 My good friend/sister is naming my faces on FB. This one is tequila, straight shot.

Now, do you remember a few months back when I received a product called Ellimorph? It is plastic beads that are submerged into hot water and then can be formed into shapes. I finally had time to play with it. I made hands for my creature. Then I made several molded flower cabochons. I Sooooo love this!!! I want to take a whole day just to play with Ellimorph.
 If you are interested you can check it out here. 

I made a wire armature then covered in Ellimorph.

and here is the finished creature. Made with a gourd top, home made paper mache paste, Ellimorph, leather hair, acrylic paints varnish and plastic eyes.

  Cabochons for beading and other multimedia art projects
The detail is amazing.

Wishing all of you a very happy weekend.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Hi Everyone!

It is a gorgeous day today in Florence. Warm sunny day. Finally. I have been out most of the day just taking in the warmth. Early this AM however, I did start the making of some hands for a project I am working on. Normally I make an armature and start layering on the clay or paper mache. Today I thought I would see how the Ellimorph works. OMG!! so easy and so much fun. The best part is that you just put it on then you can sand it, cut it, and if you want put it back in hot water to reshape it. I also have a small heating tool that I can shape with as well. I love this stuff!!!!
So here is the rough, first stage of the hands. 

 These hands will be sanded, trimmed and then pasted over then added to the art project.

Heating tool to melt the Ellimorph to shape.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


 Hi Everyone.

Just a not to let you know that Beadwright will be close June 5 to June 25. I will be unavailable on all social media including emails.  If you need Nicole's BeadBacking or other supplies please order ASAP.   Also sign up for our Beadwright NewsLetter for all updates on sales, tutorials, artist features and more. Look at the side bar. Be sure to verify it with the email contact. 

Have a happy Sunday

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hi Everyone!

OMG!!!!! I am so busy with..... EVERYTHING..... that I have had little time to create. Well that isn't really true. I spent a lot of time with some beading that I accomplished even with lupus hands. You can see close ups of the beading and  read the story here if you are interested   Anyway, I know that when I am TRYING to get the art done it isn't as good. That is how I feel this week. Some good, so not, so don't judge me too harshly. I am still getting it done at 137 pieces of finished art in 137 days. 
I am linking up with the beautiful ladies Eva and Kristen who host Paint Party Friday and the equally beautiful artists who take the courage each week to show their art. It is always such a pleasure to see what all of you are coming up with. Thanks for sharing. 
Now for my week of art.

Beaded Bolo for DH.

A beaded necklace for me. The three Swarovski Crystals at the bottom 
where my Grandmother's

This is the one I am not happy with. Tried to get it done before I had to leave the house. 

These abstracts are always fun for me. I get my hands, forearm, and elbows into these.

OK  no elbows on this one. I see all kinds of fairies dancing and playing with globes. I just couldn't go any further.

 Elbows on this one.  LOL

I am posting mega early due to meetings all day and into the evening. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Hi Everyone!

If you have been with me on this blog you know that lupus took a lot away  from me. The most it took was my ability to bead. I made my living creating in beads for most of my life. It has been a difficult loss on so many levels. This last month though something in me wanted to bead, needed to bead.  I finished two pieces. It was beyond frustrating. I have no feeling in my hands and they shake. I drop things a 100 times a day. So I rubbed my fingers with bees wax so I could at least know where the beading needle is. In my day of beading I was an extremely fast beader so to have to take all this time to create just two pieces was also part of the frustration. However, I still have the magic. I would say I still have the touch but that won't work will it. 😁  I am happy to show you these two pieces.
These also make numbers 132 for the bolo and 134 for the necklace of  my Arty Everyday  I have other art to make up the numbers in between that I will show on another post.

 My piece began like this. However as I started to bead I knew the small cab was not going to work.

DH loves to wear bolos I have made them all so he asked if I could make a new one for him.
So the small cab became this.

Then is was time to finish my new necklace. 

The photos don't show it but both pieces are very shinny with dicro glass, and Swarovski crystals.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I am having a hard lupus day today. So thought I better get this posted before I have to go to bed. A huge thanks to Eva and Kristen 
for hosting Paint Party Friday.
If you create at least once a week and want a place to show your art then come join all of the fantastic artists who post their art. Just click on the link and read the instructions. This is not a place to sell or advertise to sell your art. Rather a happy community of artists who share, inspire and become friends.
My art this week brings me to 131 finished pieces of art in 131 days. 
Hope you enjoy.

Sorry about the poor photos. I need light and a new camera. LOL

I really like creating these little abstracts and people seem to like them too.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hi Everyone!

Wow! My life has been so busy the last few weeks that it amazes me I am keeping up, with every thing! 😁 Now the one thing I have been behind on is actually posting my Art Everyday. I have kept up on that and today I will post one of the pieces made this week and then will post all of them for Paint Party Friday.  This is 130 pieces of art finished in 130 days. I also have four other projects in the art room that all take time and I am hoping at least one of the will be finished by the weekend.
Wishing you a happy creative day.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Introduction Peggy Kemp

Hi Everyone
 You know that I love featuring people on my blog.  Introducing what others are creating and of course if they use Nicole's BeadBacking that just makes me happy.

Peggy Kemp is a wonderful person and an amazing artist. 
In her own words
Peggy Kemp.

 My mission is to help make the world a better place, every day, in whatever I way I can. I try to live aloha and be of loving service. In addition, I want to have FUN and encourage others to enjoy and have faith in their innate creativity and spiritual connection. I'm inspired by nature and color and shape. I'm motivated by how miserable I feel when I don't make art every day. 
My "beadsugar" gets low and I get crabby.
Peggy in Paradise: I live on the Garden Island of Kauai, in Hawaii. I live in a tiny apartment in the bottom of a large house, in a residential neighborhood mauka (toward the mountains) from Kapaa. I have lived on Kauai for almost 14 years and I still feel lucky to be here every day. I never take this beauty for granted.
 I still very much have a "day job." I am the CEO, chief cook and bottle washer, main worker, and "Princess in Charge" at Peggy in Paradise, the business I run out of my home studio. Peggy in Paradise is a full-serve business that covers everything I know how to do: bookkeeping, remote office management, search engine optimization, social media marketing and management, business consulting, personal organization, gardening, healing. 
And beading and doll-making! In my spare time, I run a little doll hospital and make doll clothes for fun.

 I have made dolls all my life. My mom taught me to embroider when I was five, and my sister and I dressed our dolls in clothes of our own design. I did cross-stitch and needlepoint for many years. I didn't start bead embroidering until I was around 40, so 20 years ago, and that was about the same time I began to focus on making healing dolls.
 Healing dolls, and other intentional dolls, are made with a prayer in every stitch, while holding an intention of healing.

 Well, Michangelo! And Rubens, Henri Rousseau, Frida Kahlo, and the mille fleur style of the Unicorn Tapestries. But in the modern day, it is without question, Robin Atkins. I met her online 7 years ago when I was searching for flower beads and ordered her book "Spirit Dolls." It is so aligned with who I am and what I do, I felt a kinship with her right away. I use her simple body pattern often. I also very much admire the three-dimensional woven beadwork of Diane Fitzgerald and the netted work of Sandra 

Peggy has a sharp imagination and creates from her heart. To see more of Peggy's art and to see the lovely place she lives please click on these links
Peggy Kemp FB

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Hi Everyone!

Just want to let you all know that right now in my Beadwright Etsy store Nicole's BeadBacking is on sale. 12x9" sheets are just $1.85 each any color.
Get in on this sale now it is only one day.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I just love the art of Pat Herkal. Besides being an amazing woman her art is full of life and color. 
Introducing Pat in her own words

Beads, thread and fabric occupy my head and hands every day. Whimsy, color and the natural world inspire my work.
I was raised in a military family. We  moved frequently on the east coast and to France. I am a retired nurse. My passion has been fiber ever since my grandmother taught me to embroider and to crochet rag rugs when I was five.
My husband and I raised our two daughters in Riverton, Wyoming on the Wind River Reservation. I was active in the art and fiber community, volunteering and participating in craft fairs around the Rockies. My main focus was weaving and quilting.
Port Townsend, Washington has been our forever home since 2004. I discovered beads and bead embroidery here and they have taken over my life! Mixing beads, shells, stones, and found objects - man made and natural - I make jewelry, beaded sculptures and dolls. All are hand sewn one bead at a time. I use ultra suede applied with a beaded edge to finish the back of pieces when required. The smaller the bead the better. I have fun creating, so when people see my work, I hope it makes them smile. I spend my time creating, traveling, gardening and living an artful life. I recently returned to my first art form, embroidery, learned when my mother, brother and I moved in with my grandmother while my father served in the military in Korea. I was five. I embellish my vessels and whimsical animals with embroidery then add beads. Frida’s face, legs and arms are beaded on Nicole’s bead backing.
I volunteer at Northwind Art Center as a docent and am on the Installation Committee. My beaded pieces were juried into the NAC Artist Showcase for 2016. Other pieces have been juried into numerous shows at NAC over the years. Some have received Merit and People’s Choice awards. I have been juried into two shows at Confluence Gallery in Twisp, Washington. I am an active member of the Surface Design Association and have shown in SDA shows around the Olympic Peninsula.
A dear beading friend and mentor encouraged me to start using Nicole’s bead backing a few years ago. Up to that time, I tried different options - they did the deed but were not satisfactory. I tried commercial felt with tracing paper stitched onto the back to give it a firmer hand before beading - ok but not the best solution. Then I purchased a stiff bead backing that only came in white. I water colored it which took away the spontaneous moment of wanting to dive in and BEAD because it had to dry. I also colored it with various markers - all came off on my hands. I have all of Nicole’s bead backing colors and match them to the project at hand. They are the perfect firmness to hold shape but also allow me to flex and bend them as desired.
I was inspired to make Frida after reading Barbara Kingsolver’s novel the Lacuna. The folk art of San Miguel de Allende inspire me to produce freely and colorfully.

Instagram   @patherkalbeads

Honor and integrity in art, in life.