Friday, October 18, 2019

Eye Getting Better

Hi Everyone!

Wow what a journey. My eye had some complications but is on the mend now. I still don't have full sight but it is getting better. Thank you for all the lovely emails, cards and 
healing prayers for me.
Art  as you can imagine has been put on hold. So here are a few older pieces.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

PPF Halloween Bloom

Hi Everyone!

I am still dealing with eye problems and have two surgeries scheduled in Oct. It is such an inconvenience to have eye sight problems.  Oh well just another thing to deal with and it will soon be fixed.  I have not been creating except for my yearly Halloween piece. Everything except the cup and leather was purchased at the Dollar Tree store. (LOL I love that store)
 The cup was purchased at the thrift store. Some spray paint and hot glue and I have my yearly piece.  I am going to try and get to see your blog posts but may not leave a comment. I am still limited for being online.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Wow eye week.

 Hi Everyone!

This will be short. I am not suppose to be on the PC. I had an eye doctor apt. My eye is healthy, no tears and the pressure has subsided. However, the vitrious fluid is still there. The exam was torture and I mean that in every sense of the word.  Here is only part of what the doc did. This is called a gonioscopy exam. OMFG! it was awful. Uhhh yeah. It literally made me sick to my stomach. Today my eye hurts and is bloodshot from this. 
OK enough of the torture.

This is the only art this week. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

PPF One more week to the eye dr

Hi Everyone! 

I am still dealing with my eye. I have a visit with the eye doctor on the 4th and will let you all know what is going to happen.
I did get some art done. It seems to help if I focus in on something wearing dark sunglasses. 
Thank you for leaving comments, again as soon as I can get more than 5 minutes on the PC at a time every 4 hours I promise to get to everyone to leave comments. 
Here is the art for this week.
All acrylic paints.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

PPF Still Can't See

Hi Everyone!

I have 5 minutes to write this post. My eye is NOT better and has so many floaters that I am missing things in my sight. Saw the eye doc today and he still wants to wait. Uuuhhhgggg. I see him again Sept. 2. My wallet can't take much more of this. Geeessss. So I did get two paintings done. It is interesting painting with one eye. Good thing I am an abstract artist. LOL
Both paintings have lots of texture, the first one is also embellished with gold leaf.

I really like how this turned out. I used some different tools to get these effects.
 Wishing everyone a great weekend.
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

PPF one eye sight

Hi Everyone!

First off, as soon as my eye returns to normal I will be around to leave comments  for the weeks I have missed. I am only suppose to be on the PC a few minutes at a time and only twice a day.  I have a patch on my eye while typing this.  I did draw and paint this week, again with one eye. Very difficult and sooooo strange.  
Here is my drawing this week. This is a model from a magazine. I don't know her name.

 And here is my painting. 16x20" gallery canvas, acrylic paints

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Nicole/DVArtist Honor 
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

PPF Retina yikes

Hi Everyone!

Well what a week. I had an eye doctor apt. on July 24th. He is a new ophthalmologist to me, my regular doctor retired, or quit he was pretty young. Anyway, the exam goes well, got new prescription for glasses and that was that. EXCEPT on August 2 I woke up with a floater in a complete circle and seeing sparks. The doc gets me in on Tuesday and this ring floater is called a weiss floater and is pulling on my retina, thus seeing sparks. He said the retina is fine right now and to rest my eye. Uhhhh and how is that done? I have sun glasses on as I write. It helps a lot. Staying off the PC as much as possible, and wearing a patch. In a few weeks if it is not better or if it is worse I need to phone him for surgery. Ohhhh hell NO. I would rather go to the dentist that the eye doctor. So that is life for me right now. I did get some art done before the doctor.
However, before I show you that. I want to tell all of my international friends about a new beading site that is open in the Netherlands. She carries my Nicole's BeadBacking too so for all of you closer to the Netherlands than the US you can now order from Yvonne at

So here are the drawings I did this week

I am not finished with her hair but it will have to wait until my eye gets better.  

 And this one

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

PPF Color

Hi Everyone!

It has been hot for where I live. I love all of this sunshine. Makes me feel alive. With that said we are very low on our rain fall and the fires are burning way south of us. It is that time of year.
Today I hung art at the library, I forgot to get photos but I will go in and get some to show you next week. 
I did get some art done this week and pretty please with how they turned out. 
I was told that I paint dark. Sometimes the subject, but most of the time the colors. So Here is some color.  16x20" acrylic and pastels.

The next two faces are on the same piece of paper. No relation to the art just a big piece of paper

 This is actually a lady that lives down the street from me.

I still need to improve on my drawings but I am getting there.
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Thursday, July 25, 2019

PPF Introduction

Hi Everyone!

A few months ago I was having trouble with my glasses. I actually could see better without them. So I pulled out my old glasses from 2012 and could see just fine. I went to the ophthalmologist told him what was happening and he said, "Yes your eyes are better." He sharpened up my old scrip and now I see better than ever. I guess it is all the vitamins and minerals I have been taking for the last few years. 
I have managed to get some art done this week too and have a lady I want to introduce to you.
So here is the art for the week.

Just a quick draw

20x16" gallery canvas, acrylic painting.

  Now to introduce you to Kathleen Bye. Kathleen is a beautiful bead artist. She writes
At the age 11 I found myself at my mother's treadle sewing machine sewing clothes.  I loved the hand sewing in particular, so when I moved to Arizona and spent time with a sister who beads and met other beaders, it just evolved from stringing beads to bead embroidery. Making cuffs and collars are my favorites to make.  
I hear from many people that started out young at a sewing machine and then later became beaders. I also love the fact that Kathleen uses my Nicole's BeadBacking, leather and my hand painted Cabs in her art. 
Kathleen Bye. I love her smile

 One of my hand painted cabs

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

PPF Faces

Hi Everyone!

Well the days here are typical summer, cold, windy and rainy for a week at a time with 1 nice day, then cold, windy and rainy again. I miss a real summer. We did drive over to Scottsburg, OR. to pick organic blueberries. Estill farms has two fields, one in Scottsburg that is organic and one in Drain, OR that is not. This is our second trip this month. They have a bumper crop and have reduced the price to $1.25lb. It is so much fun to be in the field just picking berries. I have enough now for the year. Everything from blueberry pie, muffins, cake, cobbler and everyday a blueberry smoothie. Can't beat it. 
I also managed a few pieces of art. 
The first is a young man that was sitting in the Dr's office in Salem. Mike was called in and so I pulled out a pencil and paper and started drawing the young man across the room. He was young with beautiful bold features. He was called back just after I got him sketched in, so the rest is pretty much done from memory. I was hoping he would come back out so I could show him, but we left before that.

Abstract face with acrylics

A while ago I was asked to sit for a group of artist here in Florence that meet once a month to draw from life. Here is one of the drawings of me.
It looks a bit like me.

Oh and here is the last haul of blueberries 
we picked.
 The photo is dark but you get the idea of how much we picked. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

PPF Time

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I missed last week. I looked at the date and thought it can't possibly be PPF already. Well it was and I had NO new art. I really don't have any this week either. I swear my weeks are flying be me and I don't know what I have to show for it. I did make some new cabochons. These are sold on my website. I am trying to make videos for some of them. They are sooooo beautifully full of shinny color and movement that just doesn't show in a single frame photo.
I am looking forward to seeing what all of you have been creating. I also hope your summer is a good one for you.

This video goes with the cab above

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

PPF Pastels

Hi Everyone!

Wow another busy busy week. I have not had time, again, to get much art done. However, I did get some homework done in my pastel class. I really do love the pastels. We are doing blending with different types of blending tools. Some of them are just things you have around the house. For me it is using my fingers and hands. I think I  am liking this so much because it is kind of a messy art, and I tend to be a messy artist. Hee hee hee. Anyway here is one of my homework pieces. Just make shapes and color them in. I had so much fun with this. One thing I am going to invest in are pastel pencils. 
Well that is it for now. I hope you are all doing well and creating with passion.

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Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

PPF Pastels Beading

Hi Everyone!

This week has been full. Had to go to Coos Bay one day. Then the next day off in the other direction to Salem. We took some time and went to the Oregon Gardens. Not many blooms this time of the year but it was nice. Went to an Appreciation Tea for the library. That was very nice. I think I told you I made a mini top hat along with some of the other girls. I got lots of compliments on mine and people were amazed that I made it.
Saturday we are going to a BBQ, the host is part of the Art Committee and has invited all of us. Should be fun. I did manage a bit of art this week.
 I am loving pastel classes. 

Me and my top hat. I know, I don't very often show a photo of me but here I am. 

Making faces. This face is flat.

I really like this one.

Oh I did some beading too.
I made the cab. It is leather under glass. 

Then used some of the same 
leather to back the piece. 

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Have a great weekend.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

PPF Top Hat, Pastel, Acrylic

Hi Everyone!

Happy Paint Party Friday. I feel like I got some art done this week. First off watercolor class is over and we have started pastels. Sighhhhh... I am so glad. I am just not good with WC. I have not worked much in pastels but so far I LIKE IT!!! I can see the potential with this medium. Here is my first piece. He needs a name, so leave one with your comment.

 please click on photos see details.

 This was a warm up piece.We had certain color we had to use.

I am also working on this painting that is acrylic, ink, and pastels. Please click on it to see all the faces in the background. This should be finished by the weekend.

On Saturday the library is having an appreciation Tea for all the volunteers at the library. I had mentioned to a few ladies that we should dress up and make mini top hats. Here is mine. The doll is Lucy, I made her about 25 or 30 years ago. She makes the best model. LOL

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.