Friday, March 18, 2011


Hi Everyone!
It sure is a nice day in Florence. OMG!!! Did I really write that? Yes... sigh... today is Mike's birthday and today is the first day in over two months that I have felt pretty good. This last fight with lupus was a tough one. The doctor had labs done and my organs are still in the good range. So lupus I win again. Yeaaahhhhh!!! With that, the sun is out even though it is chilly.
My curtains are open and the sun is streaming in. I love it!!!
Sooo what about Nicole's BeadBacking?? I already introduced a new color a few months ago. However, in going over sales and what, you, the customer tells me I have revamp my colors. The top 6 colors sold are Midnight, Snow White, Dove Grey, Majestic Purple, Rich Brown, and Mocha Cream. The bottom 6 are Lavender, Dk Turquoise, Pretty Pink, Corn Yellow, True Red and Royal Blues. The other colors hold their own. With the emails that I receive earth tones are the colors most requested. Sooooooo I have a new color that we are calling "Hawk Wing." It is a soft brown between our Rich brown and Mocha Cream. It is awesome!!!!! We will continue to sell Lavender, Dk Turquoise, and Pretty Pink until the inventory is gone. That means if you are the ones who do like those colors you should get them while they last. You can purchase those in single sheets at our Beadwright website Okayyyy ya wanna see the new Hawk Wing color???? Drummmm rooollllll.....................

Nicole's BeadBacking in Hawk Wing soft brown

Nicole's BeadBacking in
Rich Brown, Mocha Cream, and Hawk Wing

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. great color! i'm glad you are feeling better.

  2. Cool! So that's the new color you told me about? That would go nicely with lots of my cabs, as I love earthy tones.

  3. Ooh, and I forgot: Happy Birthday, Mike! :-)

  4. Love the gorgeous new brown! As soon as I work my way through the pack I just purchased...I'll be back!


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