Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I spent in Coos Bay, that is Oregon for those of you who don't know my part of the world. LOL!
You know a day of getting the oil changed in the car, and stopping at all the stores that Florence doesn't have. Ohhh... I forgot that's all of them...... Florence has a Safeway and a Fred Myers and that is it for shopping. The only really good thing about here is that we have two very nice bead stores. Anyway my foot is out of use today, too much walking on it yesterday. So I will be stuck in a chair or bed. Good day to bead and get some new patterns made, which is what I did this morning. I do like this one. Eyes for your wrist? Yep that is it. A great cuff with some of my original "car art".  You can get my patterns delivered directly to your email PDF both from my Beadwright etsy store or my Beadwright website. Oh and don't forget you get a feature spot on both of my sites for your finished piece of my patterns, tutorials, or kits.
Everyone have a great Saturday!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Your patterns are gorgeous! Hey you know better about pushing yourself! I hope to get to chat soon been so busy here. I miss you!

  2. You are so fun, I LOVE the eyes for your wrist!! :)

  3. Take it easy on that foot girl!
    Eye really like those eyes!;-D
    You are creating so many good ones.
    Have a great week.

  4. Thanks so much Nicole for your thoughts and prayers! Jan


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