Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!
The sun is out today, well partially, the wind is blowing as usual and as I look out the front window I can see the marine layer coming in. A typical day on the Oregon coast. LOL
I have been in and out of the blogging world of late. Just trying to get my strength up. I have been working on patterns, and my website.
If you have been visiting me a while you know I love skulls n bones. Have my whole life. Here is a finished skull head that will be going to my Son-in-law, Dax.
I have been putting my patterns both on my Beadwright etsy and my Beadwright website. From etsy I will email them PDF however, if you don't want to wait for me... go to my Beadwright website and have them directly sent your email as soon as your payment is processed. How easy is that?? Each month I will feature a pattern here on my blog that you can purchase and it will be sent automatically to your email. This month skull n bones. (In the side bar)  All patterns and tutorials are PDF so a reader is required. Such as Adobe Reader which you can down load for free. I have been going through some of my old patterns, (at least 35 years old) that I have all done by hand. You know before the days of computers and bead programs. LOL Also I will be getting more full tutorials ready for you to use with complete instructions you can have sent right to your email.  Ohhh yess I still have my kits so don't worry about that. Be sure to visit my website. I have been making changes and I kind of like the new look.
Everyone have a great day! I will see you in blogland.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. as i was napping this afternoon you popped into my dream! well not you exactly. i was at an arena for an event and i was lost going in circles trying to find my car and in my frantic rush i passed by a beautifully lit display of beadwork by YOU! the sign said campanella on it, and even in my state of panic i had to stop and look for at least a minute. funny, huh?

    and i thought no one in the world was named dax except my friend's grandson. what an unusual name. hugs!

  2. Very cool Miss Nicole! Hope you are starting to feel better sweetie...we need to catch up soon! Big hugs

  3. Hi, that's great bead work. Looks like you are having fun.:) Have a great rest of the week. Oh...did you know that you have pop-up advertisements come up when you site comes up? I wondered about that.

  4. simplemente perfecto,un besin

  5. He is going to Love it! It looks Fabulous--Um I mean very Manly..LOL!

  6. You are really keeping busy! Good Luck with the new patterns!

  7. Very cool! that would be a neat eyeglass holder, or pencil case or cell phone etc.!

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