Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I had to make a trip to Newport today, that is Newport, OR. Needed to go to the art store and a few other places. It makes for a long day. I wanted to share with you something fun I worked on yesterday.
OK for my long time readers, do you remember Alvin???

He started like this a clean, painted, and carved gourd

 He got eyes

 and then a clay face.
 However, before he was quite dry I picked him up and he flew out of my hands. Alvin went to pieces.
So he has been sitting on my work shelf all this time waiting for a new face. He got one yesterday. I used a different type of clay so even if I drop him again he won't crack up. LOL

Alvin in his new face. He has ears and a hat. He is not exactly like his old self but when I get done with him he will be a happy guy.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. What a great idea, putting clay on Alvin. What kind of clay did you use?? I have some gourds outside that I've been wanting to do something with and you've give me ideas.:) Let me know please. It's a great job and I can hardly wait to see him complete. Nice job.

  2. The "new" Alvin looks very contrite for having jumped out of your hands! I think he learned his lesson--he looks great!

  3. LOL-- Alvin looks like a "crack Up"--sorry couldn't help myself--LOL..The New Alvin Looks very well like he is on his way to being a "happy guy"


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