Thursday, July 2, 2020

TAD With Rain

Hi Everyone!

Well this theme for Thursday Art Date with Rain was very difficult for me. Oh, the theme is  "Try a different medium"  Seriously folks I have created in just about every medium or type of art there is. My daughter and I were trying to figure out what I could try that I had on hand. "She said do some welding, mom." Well, I don't have a shop to do that any longer and my acetylene tanks are put away. Everything she suggested I have worked in. Sooooo, I found a box of paper towel rolls that I have been saving to make a new wall hanging with.  Why not?
It starts like this. Save all kinds of rolls from your TP and PT. Store them for years, because why get right at? giggle...

Next paint them. OK, it is a medium I use all the time but not on PT rolls. :)
Put them together with hot glue, I added some bamboo sticks, then paint with night glitter spray paint. Add a hanger to the back and there you have it.

 Some of you have seen photos of the outside of my house. It is a bit Victorianish. 
However, the inside is beautiful modern, very high ceilings, sharp lines from the cut out walls that are octagon like a window seat should go and where the stairs are. I love this house! When people were allowed to come over, they were always surprised to see the inside of my home. So, with that said there is a small wall section that needed some new art on it. For a very long time now I have had some leather sculpture there. Now the PT sculpture is there. 

This week has been very strange for me. 
My days are flying by and it feels like I haven't done a thing.
 I did make Enchiladas for Mr. M. the other day, some of those are vegetarian for me, 
and yesterday a beef stew with veggies from the garden. 

Carrots, squash and there are a few string beans in there. 

I also made cheesy bread sticks but forgot to take a photo, however the did look like these

Well that is it for now. I am off to the garden to do some weeding. Maybe because it is my first garden. but I don't mind weeding at all. LOL 
I am looking forward to see what the other artists have come up with. 
Enjoy your day.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Classy! The glitter paint is a nice touch.

  2. Checking in to see what’s new, and wow, wall art from cardboard tubes is very new! I like it!!

  3. You came up with something totally different and off the wall (or rather ON the wall). I have everything I need to make something like this, so I may try one, too. I LOVE yours, dear Nicole.

  4. That is a very sophisticated wall hanging from those TP rolls, well done Nicole! The leather art is cool too.

  5. Fun art, I like those tubes. The food looks very yummy! Valerie

  6. You did a great job with the tubes, great work, sher shcon looks on the wall and the sculptures look interesting! You made delicious food!
    Greetings Elke

  7. Simply stunning ... and I would love to see the inside of your house. I think your modern taste is expressed well in this TP & PT sculpture. And, yes, it would be wonderful to be able to entertain friends in our homes again, though I am quite certain that is a ways off. Believe me when I say that you will get tired of weeding. It is not so bad the first and second time, but as the weeds keep coming back over and over, even when I pull them with the root, it does get a bit exasperating. You and Rain share in your cooking talents and, though it is quite satisfying for you because you get to eat your enchiladas, stew and cheesy bread, it just serves to make me hungry, which I am anyway, much too often. Not that I am complaining :) It will be fun to see what you are growing in your garden and how you put them to use in your kitchen. Another wonderful post, Nicole. Stay well and stay safe ...

    Andrea @ Form the Sol

  8. Very interesting. And yummy looking food too

    Happy PPF


  9. Oh my gosh Nicole, you're awesome!!! Look at those rolls become a work of art!!! What a great job, and you weld're a jill of all trades aren't you? :) OOOH enchiladas...I always forget to put black olives on mine, thanks for the visual reminder! I love cheesy bread sticks. I have to get cooking...yesterday I finally did some real grocery shopping, but we're having water issues so I can't cook too much, eegad. Life is still beautiful and we'll be okay, we have another well guy coming over to give us a quote on how to fix things. As soon as I have water-a-plenty, I'm doing some baking therapy to calm myself lol! :) Oh I don't mind weeding either! Having raised beds and containers makes weeding easy! :)

  10. cool, I like what you created with the rolls :)