Thursday, May 16, 2024

Friday Face OFF at the foot doctor


 Welcome To Friday Face OFF (FFO)

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woodwork in your house. 
Human, animal, alien, or monster. 
This week has been busy with trying to stay a float on health issues. My daughter got more horrible news about her health and so I ask that all of you keep her in your prayers. 
Mr. M. is hanging in there with his kidney and we are waiting for the insurance to approve his next procedure. 
I did so some drawing this week.
Without hair
and with hair.
I like it better with no hair. LOL 
The features this week are.

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To remind everyone, this is Lupus Awareness month. This is to educate people about a disease that is called the silent disease. 

Wishing all of you good health.
Now it's your turn to show me your face.

Lupus Awarness

 Hi Everyone!

I was asked, in a comment, if there is a known cause for Lupus. There isn't. There are speculations from the medical society. The history of lupus is long and well written about. However, as most diseases, looking for a cure has been slow. Even treatment medications didn't come about until 2010. Before that it was, and in some cases today, hit and miss. Most of the medications are worse than the disease.
The problem with the above meme, is that the medications are extremely expensive and most insurance won't cover them.
As you know I have what I call, "lupus feet" A surgery last fall has left my foot, numb, tight tendons, and no feeling in my toes. At least I can still walk.

Head pain has been everyday of my life. Below explains it perfectly.

My brain fog has NOT gotten to this place. I play a lot of mind games, like Jeopardy, match games, cross word puzzles and I take herbs to help with brain activity. MRI has shown that I do have hundreds of white spots all over my brain. Of course no one can tell me what they are.

 Wishing everyone good health.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Weird Art Wednesday

 Hi Everyone!

So WAW has been overtaken by lupus awareness month.

Here is a photo from a friend of mine on FB

I really love this photo. When I first saw it I thought, "this is the creature that takes my life away." The lupus monster.

Yes, I have eye problems.




It's a lifetime battle.

Wishing all of you health.  


Monday, May 13, 2024

T Stands for cutting down the tree

 Hi Everyone!

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When I look out my kitchen window there is a huge, beautiful tree. Last year I noticed that it didn't look very good. This year it looked even worse. I mentioned it to my land lord and the next thing I knew the tree was being cut down. 
My yard looks naked now. No, my neighbor doesn't mow his lawn. I won't say more.











 The tree got stuck.


 A little more cutting




Then he loaded it on a his trailer and the tree was gone. 
This is lupus awareness month. 

I am a lupus

Now it's time to share a drink so I can get into the party.
How about some late art?
This is too pretty to drink.
Have a great day today.

Lupus Awareness

 Hi Everyone!

In no particular order I have been sharing information about lupus. May is lupus awareness month.

The first clear description of lupus erythematosus was by Biett and was reported by his student Cazenave under the term erythema centrifugum in 1833. In 1846 Hebra, under the name of Seborrhea Congestiva described disc-shaped patches and introduced the butterfly simile for the malar rash.

The malar rash doesn't always look like a butterfly redness over the cheeks and nose. It can take over not only the face but entire body. It comes on from being in the sun. Blisters and hives can occur as well. 

photo taken from the Mayo Clinic site.

These episodes can leave scars.  Seal, a British singer and musician, also was married to Heidi Klum, has scars on his face due to a form of  lupus called discoid lupus erythematosus, which affects the skin.

Photo taken from Google.

Other facts.
I do have lupus brain fog, and it takes me a few minutes to get out what I want to say. This is a new symptom for me. I used to speak in front of hundreds of people, I don't think I could do that now. LOL Mr. M. and I watch Jeopardy and I know the answers to some of the  clues but can't get it out fast enough. uhhhggg.

Raynaud's is horrible. I get it on occasion. Especially if I have worked my hands. Like in the garden shoveling and mixing soil.
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is the most common and most serious type of lupus. SLE affects all parts of the body.
 There is no cure.


Sunday, May 12, 2024

Lupus Awareness Month

 Hi Everyone!

May is Lupus Awareness Month. Some people call lupus an “invisible illness” because it is often not recognizable to others. CDC and partners are working to make lupus visible by raising awareness about this disease.
The exhaustion of lupus is NOT, just that one needs a nap, it is all encompassing. Moving hurts and feeling lousy just doesn't come close. It is a depletion of everything inside.

I have lost my hair twice to lupus, right now every part of my body hurts and I can't go out into the sun unless I have lots of sunscreen and a big hat. Ohh I look so cute. LOL
So far my heart is fine.

However, I do have kidney problems.

 The word lupus (from the Latin word for wolf) is attributed to the thirteenth century physician Rogerius, who used it to describe erosive facial lesions that were reminiscent of a wolf's bite. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body from the skin to any of the internal organs.

I made this one from AI