Monday, February 12, 2024

T Stands with good news with a ?

 Hi Everyone!

Today is T-day over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's. I was so happily surprised when, today, I received a letter in the mail from our hosts. Inside was such a nice gift. Thank you so much B. & E.





As most of you know I had to see the hematologist at the cancer center last week. I told Mr. M. I didn't like this place. He said he felt the same. It was quite depressing. The most unsettling thing is that masks are optional. REALLY?? Not many were wearing masks and none of the check in ladies or nurses. It just baffles me.
Anyway, I was called back and in short time my Doctor came in. He did have a mask on and was a happy young man with a great personality. He asked if I knew why I was there. I thought that was very nice. He got right into it explaining everything in terms I could understand. I have anemia,too with some other things. He asked me several more questions then said that all of the mixed up blood is due to lupus. He said my lupus has been flaring for some time according to my blood work. I affirmed that. He said he will keep track of my blood work form now on but that I have nothing to worry about as far as cancer right now.  He ordered more blood work, which I had done in Florence. This all happened on a Friday. On Saturday the hemo doctor phone me to tell me my blood work looked good and not to worry about anything. I couldn't believe a doctor would call on Saturday. So, if lupus would just go back into remission again I will be fine. 
I told you this year is MINE!

Remember I started a dead foot?

 Well, now it looks like this. I'm waiting for the cuticle to dry. Then I will paint them.

I love these weird toe nails

 I ran out of Emu oil and got this nice big bottle for so much less money on Amazon.

These came out just awful. A recipe from Test Kitchen. Prosciutto, salami and cheese. Baked in a special bread that is really terrible.  I would not make these again.

 I have the best homemade cream corn. So easy to make. Maybe I should say the best for Mr. M. LOL

 We got a great price on apples and oranges. The apple are cosmic crisp. seriously  the best apples I have ever eaten.

 Ahhh the onions starts are dry and now hanging in my back room.

 Italian oregano growing in this warm weather.

 My Pork n Bean plants has turned color for the winter. Come summer all the brown/red will be fire red. Can't wait.

Borage has popped up already.

 2 plants and this one has a bloom. Ohh this false spring have the plants off kilter.

I think that is it for me. True Detective is about to start. A good series this time.
My drink is 
Sparkling Ice Variety Pack-Black ...



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great young doctor! No cancer worries! Fab gift in the mail! Way to go!

My name is Erika. said...

I am impressed with the doctor. When my husband went into kidney failure he was really sick, and I told him he needed to go to the doctor first thing the next morning. It was a FRiday, and at 9 pm that night the doctor called and told him to go directly to the hospital. Thanks goodness he did because my husband would have been even sicker in the morning. I think even though this center doesn't sound good I think it has at least 1 good doctor. And that leg looks awful-but I mean that as a complement. Smile.Have a super T day Nicole. hugs-Erika

peppylady (Dora) said...

Never heard of pork n bean plant.

Christine said...

Glad your blood test is ok

Christine said...

Glad your blood test is ok - Christine

Giorgio said...

Hello, Nicole!
In many Italy's hospital doctors and nurses wear masks, and patients do the same.

You are right, it's too early for blooming borage.

Greetings from Italy!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Great news and a great doctor. Now there’s a cause for celebration!

Gene Black said...

I am so happy to hear that you have a good kind doctor. And that you got such good Wes about the blood work.
I just bought a case of Ice for myself.

Tom said...'s important to have a good doctor who can communicate.

Empire of the Cat said...

Sounds like a good visit and good news. I was at the hospital yesterday for 5 hours and I was the only person wearing a mask! I'm also watching True Detective but there's only one episode left :( Happy T Day! Elle xx

Kokopelli said...

OMG, those toe nails are ugly! *LOL* Glad you met a nice doctor and they even called you back on a Saturday. :) And yum for that cream corn! Could have some of that. Happy T Day!

CJ Kennedy said...

I'm surprised that the medical center weren't requiring masks. It's been mandatory in Massachusetts for medical facilities to wear masks. I even had to mask up to get a mammogram. Good that you like your doctor and have confidence in him. Sounds like you got some good news. I like this year being yours! Happy T Day

Mae Travels said...

Yes to good news! And yes to understanding and empathy from doctors! So glad to hear some positive news about you, and good luck with the end of the lupus flareup.
best, mae at

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Great news from both doctors. I'm really impressed, except I was surprised by the lack of masks. I'm delighted you are as diligent as I. My friend Joseph had Covid a few weeks back and I was with him during the first stages of it. However, I always wear a mask, regardless. Ask Sharon. I wore one when she was here. I refuse to give Covid a chance. All my friends laugh at me, but I could care less.

I'm surprised because the Test Kitchen is usually good at testing their food to the max. However, I have often found they use items I would never buy and products I would not normally use.

Glad to see you are back in your studio. That foot is truly remarkable.

SO glad you got the ATC. You noticed it was ONLY six months late (grin).

I also have ICE. I have six bottles of raspberry and I love it, too. Thanks for sharing it, your good news, your art, your borage, and your fruit and onions with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole.

Rita said...

Good news and a good doctor!! That is awesome to hear.
The weather has been spring-like and then winter-like and then spring-like. Has to be confusing for the plants and critters's confusing to me, after all--lol!
You sound better. Makes me happy. :)

baili said...

hey dear Nichole
at first i felt depressed a little with your mention of unsatisfactory comment on masks being optional but what a delight and gratitude for doctor came out a pleasant surprise wow !

believe me there are hardly few in millions so be thankful for the gift !

reports he shared make my heart at peace regarding your health my friend !

hope and pray God will keep it more positive ahead amen!
nice art :)
and yummy food items here .
lovely plants ,happy spring to you :)

carol l mckenna said...

So glad to hear the good news you got ~ lovely post ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lowcarb team member said...

So pleased your blood test is ok, he sounds a good Doctor.

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Lisca said...

Gret news from equally great doctors! I'm really pleased for your that you have nothing to worry about on the cancer front. Now to get rid of the Lupus...
Your vegetables/herbs look lovely. This strange weather is fooling nature. It's bad because trees bud and then we get a spell of bad weather and it will ruin the crops. (I'm thinking almonds and olives, but it goes for anything really)
Happy T-Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad things are starting to go your way! It's strange weather here too - lots of things in bloom before they should! We are watching True Detective too! A very belated Happy T Day, Chrisx