Thursday, September 7, 2023

Friday Face OFF 9/8/23

 Hi Everyone!
I'm writing this early, like Wednesday. I have a dental appt. tomorrow morning for what I hope is the finale extraction. If I am feeling OK, we will drive over to Coos Bay to do some shopping. Then home to rest. Friday and Saturday is my yard sale and I can't believe the "stuff" we have to sell. Please send up the selling prayers/spells for me. Then, if anything is left over it's going to the Elks. 
So, I have not had time to make any knew faces so you get old ones. LOL
Quite a few years back I had a commission to draw this doll. I was really worried because I had never drawn lace before. I figured it out and the person was very happy with it. 
One I really like.

I also like this.
Then I found these. Give a good look at what I have drawn.





I did start a new drawing but like I wrote I have been a bit busy getting yard sale and show ready. Next week I have a tutorial for you on these. In addition I will be answering some of your questions.

 How cool are these guys?

With their cute little faces.

 Now for the feature. First is,
He is an amazing artist and writer.
Second but certainly not last is my dear friend Barbara. Before I opened FFO to the public, Barbara and I started this challenge every week. It is so nice that she has dropped by to entered this little cutie.

I'm also linking up with Gillena
You know the rules but just in case you are new to FFO.
 This is where you can show any kind of face in any medium. Let your imagination go wild. Then link your blog to this one, link up with MR. Linky and start leaving comments. You will not be disappointed.
Now it's time to show me your face.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your faces always have the most expressive looks. You always find the right mood someone has. I love the girl with the scrunched lips. That is pure magic.

I look forward to your tutorial. Even though I think I know what you are gong to share with us, it turns out I am usually wrong and surprised in the end like I was last week with your skeleton. Have a super weekend, dear Nicole and thanks for helping me out with the failed to publish.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice retrospective of all your "faces" art! Good luck with the yard sale on Friday & Saturday!

Rita said...

Good luck with your garage sale!
I love your faces!! But you know how I feel about your creepy crawlies and skulls--lol! I may think a whole lot of lizards and amphibians are cute...but not a fan of spiders--lol! You do them proud, though. ;)

Iris Flavia said...

Uh-oh - dentist - hope you could enjoy some shopping!
Fingers and toes crossed your sales go well and are fun, too. Loads of nice people and chats along with the selling.

Big, big WOW on your drawings, so much detail, so real and aha... this is where your profile-pic is from! Love especially the second, though. Perfect and beautiful!

You do know I love skulls and ghosts, but spiders.... they do really freak me out!
In Australia I had two "encounters" with the creepiest ones, really.
One was huge. In a tree, loooong legs, yellow-white - we ran underneath.
And one I found in the car. Only as big as the balm of my hand, but hair like a dog, very short legs, it was under a plate I´d put in the car so the possums won´t lick rests off the plate (it was too dark to do the dishes). We usually slept in the car!!! This time in a tent in a National Park.
Once there I nearly touched a redback - those are lethal.
So... no to spiders (apart from the two or three harmless that live here in our condo and take care of flies).
Happy FFO and good luck with the sales!

kwarkito said...

thank you very much for your kind introduction to my work, and congratulations again on the diversity and subtlety of the many heads and portraits you present each week. Have a nice weekend

Tom said... best to you with the dentist anf your sale!

Valerie-Jael said...

Good luck with the extractions and yard sale. You have worked very hard and hope you had great results! Hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Great selections of your drawings, Nicole.
Good luck for your sale xx

roentare said...

Your sketches are masterpieces!

My name is Erika. said...

You really know how to draw a face Nicole. These are fabulous. Good luck at the dentist and with your yard sale. hugs-Erika

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Great job with these faces. You really know how to do it!

carol l mckenna said...

Your faces are awesome ~ such talent ~

Good Luck with your yard sale and show this weekend ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor) said...

Good luck with the yard sale

Lowcarb team member said...

Nice to see your sketches.
Wishing you good luck with the sale.

All the best Jan

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday
Have a happy weekend


baili said...

I feel so poor with words when look at your awesome art my friend!
Powerful and Expressive Wow!!!
Best wishes for the appointment and yard sale

Cloudia said...

I'm ready to face up to it! Lol hello Aloha friend!

ashok said...

Wonderful collection of faces!