Monday, August 15, 2022

Dill and what I do with it.

 Hi Everyone!

I'm changing my Monday post a bit. No movies today. Instead, I am going to talk about the dill I grow. I have had many questions on what I do with it all. 
If you read my posts at all you know I am a huge fan of dill. I grow it every year.
Dill is expensive in the store and by growing my own I have the option of storing it in several ways. All through the growing season I pinch off stalks to use. This makes the dill grow fuller and stronger. Once I harvest the mature stalks I remove the dill. Very easy, simply run your thumb and forefinger down the stalk and the dill just slips off. 


 Fresh dill gets a good soaking, pat dry with a paper towel and placed on foil. The amount I would use for a meal.

 Wrap and label it.

 Then place in a freezer bag. I will have this bag full when I am done.

 I dehydrate dill as well.

After the dill is dried I do put it in the mortar and pestle to make it finer. The store is an air tight jar.

 Infusing dill or any herb with oil. I like the lightness and neutral taste of grapeseed oil.
I get pretty glass bottles with corks from the dollar store. Clean and sterilize the bottles. Take the back of a wooden spoon and press into the dill to release oils. Place dill in the bottle. The more dill the stronger the flavor. Heat oil to just warm and then pour into bottle. Allow to cool. At this point you can remove fresh dill but I leave mine in. Cork the bottle and place in dark cool place for 1 week. At this time remove the fresh dill. If using dried you can leave it in. 

 Vinegar flavored dill. Ohh so good. I use Rice vinegar simply because I like the taste of it but red or white wine vinegar are great too. I do use dried dill and herbs for this. In a clean and sterilized jar place the dill, I also use garlic clove with mine. Pour the vinegar over the herbs. If using a metal screw on lid place plastic wrap over the jar then the lid. You don't want the vinegar in contact with metal. I us cork bottles. Once this is done place in dark cool place for 2 weeks. There is nothing like making your own flavored oils and vinegar.

For the next question I get a lot. What do I use dill for? I do use it for savory and sweet recipes. Tonight we are having cod for dinner and I will use dill oil in my pan and season it with sage. Not much just enough to coat the pan. If I didn't have the oil I would season my fish with the dry dill.
Other uses, chicken, mac and potato salads, egg salad, scrambled eggs and quiche type dishes and casseroles. Don't forget soups. Dill on all kinds of veggies. I can't eat a salad with out a bit of dill sprinkled on top. I also use dill in cookies, cakes and breads.
Dill in the freezer will last at least 4 months.

Dried dill will last 3 years in a tightly sealed jar out of sun light.

Dill oil will last 4 month or more if stored in cool dark place.

Dill vinegar will last 2 to 3 months.
One last thing, I do make my own smudge sticks. I always add a bit of dill. 
I hope this answers a the questions and if you have more just leave them in a comment. 


R's Rue said...

I have no answers, but I’m curious to find out.

sirkkis said...

Thank you for tips 😏, Nicole, but I'm allergic to dill as many other herbs 😤
Fine that you got a plentiful harvest of dill 👏
Have a wonderful week ahead 👍🌿

Tom said...

...I had some fabulous potato salad with dill last week.

craftytrog said...

An interesting post Nicole. I don't think my hubby grows dill, I'll have to check :-)

kathyinozarks said...

great post-thanks for sharing

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Dill is also great on new baby potatoes with butter, and of course is a "must" in borscht!

Valerie-Jael said...

Dill has a wonderful taste, enjoy! Valerie

Jeanie said...

I grow a lot of dill which I usually use as it is being grown or later dried. I'm really pleased to see the things that you did with it. I hadn't thought of the dill oil and what wonderful uses you have!

Christine said...

Very interesting thanks for sharing.

NatureFootstep said...

I use dill a lot. :) When I have the small, fresh, first potatoes of the year. I boil them with salt and dill. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Dill is a staple in my home. There isn't a week goes by I don't use fresh dill. I live in Zone 6A and dill overwinters outside where I live. I have also made dill oil and vinegar before, but I love to use excess dill to make dill butter. I take softened butter (one stick) and add lots of dill. I like lots, but some don't like as much. when I have thoroughly mixed the butter with the dill, I roll it in plastic wrap and store it in my fridge. It doesn't last long when I make it, but you might choose to freeze some if you don't eat it as much or as fast as I do.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

We do not use dill much at all and I don't know why. I used to bake salmon in foil with butter, white wine and dill and it was delicious. I haven't done that for years, so maybe it's time to do it again.

Divers and Sundry said...

I don't use dill but plan on growing some next year for butterflies.