Friday, July 22, 2022

Friday Face Off 7/22

 Hi Everyone!

Please take a minute to read this. I invite anyone to join in that features a face of any kind, in any medium on their blog. Simple rules; link back to my FFO on your blog, link up with Mr. Linksy, leave me and the other participants a comment. You really want to see what everyone else has contributed.
Thank you!

The face today is one I worked for a few days, I was so happy with it. Then, I drew hair and ruined it. LOL So you get the close up version.



I also did some warm up sketches. I haven't been doing this and I forget how much it helps. Well maybe not with these two creatures. LOL
These are 10 minutes no more.



Here are more faces that I have around my house.

 Molded and sculpt leather

 Clay on canvas with glass eyes, wire and other embellishment. It is my migraine art.

 clay on canvas

 Resin face on beaded gourd.

 This is my Nan posing for my book on beading. she is 104 here. She still had thick long hair.

 My Nan and me. Nan was a famous artists and the first women in Wash. state to open an art gallery. The Dorothy Marry art studio. My granddad made the frames. She also taught classes there.

This is my Nan at 104 just days before she passed. My niece with her new baby and my mom.
That little baby is now 14 years old.
This weeks featured artist is the wonderful,
Be sure to stop by her blog to see some gorgeous art.

It's your turn. Show me your face.
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Iris Flavia said...

I don´t think you ruined it - it´s wonderful!
Oh, 104 years. She sure saw and had to see a lot. I hope it was a happy life. Great family photeo.

sirkkis said...

Hello Nicole! What a nice surprise to see my last weeks summer girl; thank you a lot for featuring!
Your today's main face is gorgeous. You have reached her wonderful expression so well. The others are awesome, too. Love them all!
Thank you for shearing the lovely photos of talented Nan, who got a wonderful long life.
Wising you a wonderful weekend ahead xx

NatureFootstep said...

Hi Nicole. I love all your faces. But especially the leather ones. You already know that! There is something ancient about them that I like. Something that could be found in old caves :)

Tom said..., 104! There's no way that I'll make it that long.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Your faces are amazing, Nicole. Your Nan had a long and interesting life, didn't she? We should all do so well.

Gene Black said...

Your face is so expressive! Seeing and reading about your Nan is also quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

That face is so good too bad about the hair. Enjoyed the oast work. Lovely to see your nan. -Christine

My name is Erika. said...

I love today's face drawing Nicole. You ever got the folds and wrinkles around her lips. Wow. And Nice to see your Nan. I still miss mine. And you have some great art with faces too. The leather ones really amaze me since I've never worked with leather and still can't believe you can do that kind of molding with it. But obviously you can. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

Barbara said...

Your drawing is amazing, Nicole, hair or no hair, I’m sure. The time it takes for you to draw an image is noteworthy and speaks of your talent. Congratulations on being part of four living generations! The years fly by much too quickly. A beautiful family!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thank gawd for cropping, eh? Hahahahaha! Great face though, you're right!

Gillena Cox said...

Congrats to Sirkkis.
Luv the first face Nicole.
Thank you for linking to Art For Fun Friday.


Carola Bartz said...

That face draws me in! I wish you had also posted a picture with the hair, because I wonder whether the "ruin" thought comes from your inner critic. Your "migraine art" also speaks to me, it is a fabulous piece of art. All your faces are amazing - those ten minutes sketches! Your nan! How wonderful to have known her for so many years - 104 years, that is impressive. I imagine that she had a lot of stories. It seems you got her artist gene.

Divers and Sundry said...

I love that top face! That expression lol You really caught the mood.

My faces would only be screenshots of actors' faces lol and no art in any medium, but I do enjoy seeing yours :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Cropping is your friend. I actually LOVE the expression on that lady's face. Great other faces, too, Nicole. Sorry I have nothing to contribute this week. I am trying to play catch up and still having a hard time doing so.

Cloudia said...

I like your faces today

Cloudia said...

Thank you

Mae Travels said...

Wonderful art work. Thank you for introducing us to your Nan! She sounds like a very accomplished and talented woman. I hope some day you’ll share some of her art as well a her photos.

best… mae at said...

Love your first sketch, great expression

Rain said...

2nd Try!! So nice to read about your Nan, Sis! 104 years old, amazing! And you btw, your 10 minute warmups are beautiful!! I love your lady with a squishy mouth! You do the shading so well! I think my favourite of your art pieces is the "clay on canvas with glass eyes" - very neat!!! I hope your health is better! ♥ My foot is better as long as I wear the good shoes!! ☺

Jeanie said...

That face is fabulous! Beautiful work. And how lucky you were to have your mom for so many years. (Mine died when I was 25. She was 58.)

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely portrait sketch ~ very expressive ~

Trying to see the good in each moment, Xo

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

baili said...

Dear Nicole i must say your brain seems like an Ocean of endless expressions as each time i feel touched by your splendid art wow!

I really loved the face you tried i agree hair change the genuine expeditions little bit. I also loved family photos which is so lovely!
Wishing you everything and every moment best in days ahead!