Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Face off FFO

 Hey Everyone!

Ahh today is  Friday Face Off, (FFO) and I welcome anyone who wants to join in. Link your blog post that features a face. It's that simple.  
My face today is a drawing, well, a freaky drawing. LOL
This was so much fun to draw.
Here are a few older pieces too.



The next 5 days we have rain. 
The garden is covered 
but I did manage to pick these early today.
Now I want to feature Rain from
She is an incredible lady that shares her many talents in so many ways. Please visit her blog and then click onto her you tube channels. You won't be disappointed. She made this special for FFO. Thanks Sis!

I am linking up with Gillena at Lunch Break, Art for Fun Friday.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Friday.
NOTE; I made some java script changes so the link up is now working.


  1. Your portraits are plain stunning!!!
    And your radish, hmmm... Have a great day, despite the rain (on and off here, too).

  2. Hi Nicole, i can't link again. I am here :

    Enjoy your radishes! Valerie

  3. Hi, it's me Sirkkis!
    Your ladies are lovely; the first one is from the other world ;)
    The same problem is still: my link cant be left by me.
    If you and your visitor would like to see my inspiration of Botticelli, could you please make it again, thank you Nicole!

  4. Yes, it's a bit creepy, but it was fun to see. I went a more traditional (ish) route. Thanks for hosting this fun link up, Nicole.

  5. Thanks for mentioning me in such a sweet way Sis! ♥ I love your faces, especially the freaky one! Oh an early harvest of radishes!!! That's great! ☺ I grew some last year but we found them too peppery!

  6. Wonderful faces, Nicole! I particularly like the one where she is resting her face on her hand.

    For some reason, the Mr Linky gadget isn't letting me right-click to Paste in my post link. I had to go back and forth to put it in manually. I thought it was just a temporary glitch last week but it did it again this week.

    OH radishes!

    Rain's abstract faces are a delight!

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  7. ...the first face is one that only a mother could love!

  8. Fantastic faces this week Nicole.I can't my web address to paste into the box this week so I can join in. Have a great FRiday. Hugs-Erika

  9. That face could cause nightmares! It looks as if it is right out of a Stephen King story.

  10. Your weird face reminds me of two weird movies, Creature From the Black Lagoon and The Shape of Water. Loved them both although the first one scared the child in me back then. It’s a great face! Your drawings are lovely!

  11. Fun face! Lovely older pieces too. Thanks for hosting

  12. You do marvelous faces. It's definitely not my artistic strong suit! And seeing your radishes makes me regret that I didn't plant any -- though it's been chill enough here I probably still could!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Yup, that’s a creepy one lol, beautifully executed , ahemmmm, lol, 👍❤️

  14. Freaky, indeed lol The radishes look tasty.

  15. Fabulous faces Nicole. Thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday


  16. A happy freaky face! Good cheer to ya. :-)

  17. Awesome face and portraits ~ glad you were able to get some radishes ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. I think your face is freakier than mine. I tried to add it to the link above but it wouldn't paste so here it is

  19. The comment issue seems to be with the right-click function. Not sure if there's any settings you can adjust?

  20. Great drawings of the two women, Nicole!
    What a beautiful red radish ... great to see you have harvested it, considering that I saw the price of the radish was € 3 per kg here in Italy this week.
    Sorry to hear the weather will be rainy again on the West coast!
    Have a nice weekend!

  21. Bom dia. Desejo um ótimo sábado com muita paz e saúde para você e sua família.

  22. It's a happy freaky face.
    Those radishes look good.

    Happy weekend wishes.

    All the best Jan

  23. It's working now, well done!😀

  24. what a delightful harvest dear Nichole :) congratulations for this one!

    i enjoyed the faces so much ,loved the females faces more ,they are gorgeous!

    i don't know why i could not play the video ,i cloud receive voice only .
    wishing you all the best !

  25. okay in second try i watched the video Nichole

  26. Bom domingo e bom início de semana minha querida amiga Nicole.

  27. Love your faces. Thanks for sharing Rain's video. I like trying to draw without lifting my pen from the page. It is a challenge.

  28. Great faces, and the radishes look good!