Thursday, May 26, 2022

TAD Thursday Art Date with Rain


Today is TAD, ya know that's
Thursday Art Date and the beautiful Rain is the host. Each week she has a theme to follow....or not. The choice is yours. This week is flowers blooming. Like a lot of you our weather has everything blooming and growing late so I have located some flowers from last year.

The photos of the flowers were taken in April of 2021. This year I have no flowers yet.





I want to share 2 garden hacks that I use and know work. The first is getting rid of baby flies. You don't want them in the garden dirt but it is almost impossible to keep them out. Take some cheap apple cider vinegar and some clear dish soap.

In a pie tin add maybe 1/4C of vinegar and a 1t of soap. 
Set the tins in your garden and watch the flies die. The smell also keeps other critters away too.

The next one I swear by. I got this from an English gardener on Youtube, Project diaries.
I'll put the link below but know I have changed the recipe a bit.
This is a repellent for anything from rodents to deer and anything in between.
You will need
4C strong peppermint tea, 3T chili powder, 3T garlic powder, 2t onion powder, 2t chili oil (if you don't have it any oil will be fine). 
Make the tea and add all ingredients to hot water. Let stand for 4 hours. I do put mine in the fridge. Now for the fun. You want to strain this until you have all the granules removed from the liquid. I start with a small strainer then go to cheese cloth. Once it is strained I pour into a spray bottle and keep in the fridge. Now, if you don't get it strained enough it will clog the sprayer. I also warm it just a bit when I get ready to use it.




 I allow this to dry and I spread around my yard. Wear gloved when you do this.

 Stand back and at arms length spray all your garden areas. I also use this on my fence line and around the barn. Don't allow the wind to spray it back into your face. It's burns. LOL

Have a great Thursday and be sure to stop by Rain's, she always has a lot going on over there.




  1. It's great to see you using "home remedies", Nicole, and avoiding noxious chemicals.

  2. The chili pepper mixture is a new one to me! Interesting! Beautiful flowers, they really do light up our world don’t they, 👍❤️

  3. ...insects can be a constant battle.

  4. I may have to try that repellent to see if it works on chipmunks.

  5. Very beautiful colored garden flowers 🌺
    Happy upcoming weekend 😀

  6. Thanks for the gardening hacks.

  7. Home remedies always good ~ lovely floral photos ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Your home remedies sound like fun! Valerie

  9. would be nice to have a garden :)

  10. These look promising, Nicole. I have to say, after I saw a beautiful doe take a big hunk of hosta from the back yard, I was wondering what might keep them away! This could work.

  11. I have a friend who used ground hot chilies to get rid of squirrels in her feeders. She made the concoction herself. I am sure that is going to work for you. I've concocted a similar mix, but mine was to get rid of white flies that show up in late summer. I made mine into a spray and sprayed it on my tomato plants. Thanks for sharing these.

  12. Cool tip against the flies.
    Hehe, I remember an old add from the early 80´s in Germany.
    Certainly the woman does the dishes, right.
    Another woman wants to tell her Palmolive is the best detergent.
    The woman asks what?, and the lady says...

    The woman has her fingers in a bowl filled with the detergent, totally creepy and unnatural!... The lady tells her she´s "bathing" her hands in it.
    It´s soooo good for your skin.
    Women back then huh (OK, I´m still the one who does the dishes...)

    Yay to homemade repellents!!!
    Thank you!
    And have a nice pest-free day :-)

  13. I have tried very similar to both of these- and the first one works well when the fruit flies start getting in the kitchen:). Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!

  14. Great tips! My only problem on my patio is mosquitoes, and they don't bother the plants.

  15. Hi, Nicole!
    Thanks for the comment and link. Have you accepted all your blog cookies? Google has informed that all cookies have to be accepted in Chrome and Safari browsers. This was reason that
    Comments were anonymous. Chrome has changed and it has to be updated.I got resolved earlier problems.
    I suppose that you use another browser but you can probably try to accept all cookie..?!?

  16. I am with you. It is still cold and rainy here and it is almost June ... so my flowers are way behind schedule. That said, your last year's flowers are gorgeous, so bright and colorful. I have a friend who has a problem with deer eating everything including the seed from her bird feeders. I have made a copy of your recipe and will give it to her. As for flies, we haven't had much problem with them here, but I will keep it in mind should they ever show up. I am all in favor of natural solutions that won't harm our pollinators or any other part of nature. Always enjoy your posts, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  17. GREAT garden hacks Sis, I LOVE Project Diaries. He has such great videos! I wonder if that spray would KILL the black flies around here? They seem invincible lol!

  18. I'm behind as it has been busy. Your flowers from last year look amazing. And, I like those repellents. I've used chili powder before, which only works so long, but I really want to try your other remedy. Hopefully it will keep chipmunks out of the veggie garden. As you know, it is very sad and frustrating to lose plants you have worked to grow. Hope you have a great long weekend. Hugs-Erika

  19. your nasturtiums are beautiful - I seem to get all leaves and few flowers! The apothecary of garden remedies is interesting, will come back and copy it down - thanks :)

  20. I hear you, Nicole! Flowers are late here too. But it's raining softly now and will continue through the night, so maybe that will bring some blooms. Your garden hacks are fascinating. Thanks for sharing!