Tuesday, May 11, 2021

T Stands for new mug

 It's T stands for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's. Be sure to stop by there to see what the T-gang has planned for the day.
The other day I posted a painting in black and white and then added color. (You can see the post here) I had lots of questions from readers and one of the was, "Do I water down the paint?" The answer is, "NO" Once you cover the canvas with a flow medium you simply need a very small amount of regular acrylic paint. I use Sennelier brand acrylic and it is a medium body paint. This technique can also be used with oil paints.
Here is another one.
 Black n white painting dried completely.

 The is is shinny brush but add flow medium to the very tip.

 It shows better here. Cove the entire canvas with a thin layer of flow.

Then scrub it into the canvas especially for textured painting.

 To show, this is too much paint on the brush.

 When the paint goes on you want the lightest of coverage. The flow medium will carry the color across the canvas.

 Paint is expensive and I hate wasting any of it, but to show you if you do get too much simply blend and wipe off with a paper towel.

 You blend and mix the colors right on the canvas. If you have more questions just email me.



Mr. M. went to the post office to get the mail then went and bought me the AMAZING Orange mug. It is so bright and summery. Orange, one of my favorite colors.
It's filled with hot water. I love how big the handle is.
For his reward he got Apple Crisp. I have a hard time staying away from this treat. Nothing like brown sugar, cinnamon, and oats. LOL

That's it for now. I have gardening to do today. Our summer is here on the Florence, Or. coast. Everyday about 11AM we get the winds. Yes, this is all summer long. Yesterday was a mild 30mph sustained wind all day and long into the night. Oh, let us not forget the 45MPH gusts. It is truly the main thing I dislike about here. Soooo, before the wind comes up I am off to the garden. 
Have a great day today.
BE Safe Out There And Still Wear A Mask!
Honor and integrity in art, in life. 


  1. Love your new mug, enjoy! Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Bom dia Nicole, espero que um dia eu possa ter a oportunidade de ver uma exposição do seu maravilhoso trabalho. Obrigado pelo desenho do meu rosto que você esta fazendo.

  3. That orange mug is perfect for summertime -and also October ;) We only get winds like that with storms. It'd take some getting used to if they came every day. Happy T Tuesday!

  4. Your new mug rocks. And I love apple crisp too. Haven't made one for awhile, so hmmmm, perhaps I should!

  5. That canvas is amazing. And HUGE, too. I have heard of Flow, but never use it because I only make art for me.

    I love your new orange mug and that is a great handle, too. Thanks for sharing your incredible art, showing us how to use Flow, and your new orange mug for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole. I SECOND wear a mask outside your own home.

  6. Apple crisp sounds like a perfect choice -- today I have rhubarb so maybe it will be rhubarb AND apple crisp. Or just rhubarb sauce.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  7. Great canvas. I guess you put the paint on while the flow medium is wet?

  8. That is a great technique Nicole. I love the slightly night time feel of the piece. Like there are lights off in the distance. I haven't heard of Flow. It is always good to learn something new. W'eve had a lot of winds lately too. It keeps the black flies away but makes it hard to garden. Hope you got everything done before the winds came up. Happy rest of your T day. hugs-Erika

  9. Your painting is lovely. I haven't painted in acrylic more than a few times but it looks like you are a pro.
    The apple crisp looks delicious and I would not be able to say no to any dessert with fruit in it.
    Happy gardening and Happy Tea Day,

  10. the winds here on a bad day can get up to 90mph, which is why everything is bolted to cement outside so it doesnt blow away lol

  11. Thank you for showing this interesting technique. Your colored painting looks beautiful.
    I do love that mug. Orange is the Dutch national color and I am wearing an orange sweatshirt at the moment.
    We get a lot of wind here too. It is always a very strong wind and it howls and whistles through the house. Our house is a new build but the wind still seems to make a noise and i hate it. It is also a bother in summer that when the wind blows we cannot put the sun shade out as it would blow off its frame.
    Happy T-Day,

  12. Beautiful painting! I loved seeing how it came together too, thanks for sharing 😁. Lovely new mug and the apple crisp looks yummy! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  13. You are a wonderfully creative artist ~ and your hubby is a dear ~ Xo

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Thanks for explaining the technique. New to me.
    Lovely bright mug. Love them with big handles.
    Don't get blown away! ;)

  15. The colour looks beautiful and that is a smart mug!

  16. Wow, that´s an interesting technique you share - thank you. Oh, I´m so far away from being that talented ;-)
    That mug calls for summer, here it´s another cool, grey day.

  17. Love the first (b&w) one, but the colorful one is as beautiful. Don't know how you do it girl, but... You make 'em look amazin'! 👏🏻

    And yum at that delicious treat at the end! 😛

  18. Thanks for sharing the paint details and your pretty canvas. Lovely and so interesting! I know nothing about paint but love it.

    Love the mug! The color is fabulous and the crisp looks yummy! I would be buying you lots of mugs if the rewards were fabulous desserts!

    Wow - I had no idea there was so much wind there - so interesting how we all have differences in where we live. What I dislike most about Alabama is the heat and humidity in the summer. It can even be difficult to breathe. The bugs take over as well then - something I totally dislike!

    Happy late T-day!

  19. it's sweet to surprise you with a mug and your sweet thank you of apple crisp makes me hungry!

  20. Thanks for the flow media tip and pictures. Apple crisp, all the things good for you. Apples, oats, and a bit of brown sugar to make life sweet. Enjoy your new mug. Happy T Day

  21. Thanks for explaining the technique for the painting! So cool! I love your mug!!! I wouldn't mind having some apple crisp too! LOL! Big Hugs!