Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday May 17

Hi Everyone!

I hope your Sunday is a good one. So far it has been good for me. I HAD to go to the grocery store today. I made sure I was there right when they opened. Perfect time for shopping. I got what I needed. I have not been in this store for over a month and I was surprised at how much food and other supplies are missing. There are notes saying the warehouse is out. Almost everything was rationed. They did have 25lb bags of flour from a distributor that I did not recognize. No, I didn't buy that. The people that were there shopping were all masked but one man. I noticed a girl about 8 years old standing by the doors that go to the back room. She did not have a mask on.  I didn't think anything of it, only that I wondered where her mom was. Later, as I went to the bakery isle, I saw here again standing alone but realized she was with a guy that was stocking part of the shelves. He didn't work at the store he was an independent. As I got closer the girl began to cough. NO mask, and obviously never been taught to cover her mouth. I turned on my heals and went down the next isle. They followed me out of the isle to the doors for the back room the girl waited while her dad went through the doors. Now, I get it. Day care, a person to come in and watch your kids, or even a relative is hard to come by. So maybe he didn't have a choice but to bring her. But REALLY you don't have a mask for your child? The dad was wearing a mask. I find it pretty appalling. I phoned the store when I got home but the manager wasn't in yet. That is my gripe for the day. LOL

Last night, while I was waiting for the movie, "Joker" to come on, I sat down to paint. I didn't want to pull colors and I already had black and white out, so thought I would paint some clouds. From there I just painted. I like how the brightness in spots came out. 
Just a doodlely painting. 

Well it is starting to storm again. I need to go cover my plants.
Have a great day.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I know what you mean, Nicole. 😏 People choose their own faith, and unfortunately, in these crazy and tough times... someone else's as well. All we can do, as you know, is to be careful. 🤷‍♂️

    I adore that painting. It's so dark and mysterious. 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤

  2. Hi Nicole, those simple things in life we once took for granted can be such a concern. Early morning shopping is reserved for those working for the NHS or frontline workers here in the UK and rightly so, what an amazing job they are all doing. With a little more freedom of movement this past week there has been some worrying sights and many more people around. I would not like to have young children around anymore, trying to balance home schooling and a job, I can just about manage my care duties and making sure both Mothers have everything they need each week.
    You painting is as always ever inspiring, you know how partial I am to black and white, no colour needed for this one Nicole it's perfect just the way it is with those stormy clouds.
    Hope you and the family are keeping well..?? Take care & stay safe, here's hoping the sun shines for you very very soon Hugs Tracey xx

  3. Cool doodle painting, Nicole, a tad spooky but very cool! I like the way you curved the clouds, adds a lot of interest.

  4. So did you like the movie "Joker"? I've heard mixed things about it.

  5. Lovely painting. It's frustrating that some people just don't care enough. That poor kid doesn't seem t have an easy life. Have a good, new week, Valerie

  6. Your painting is beautiful. Moody and semi ominous, it's really one to evoke an emotion.

    How sad that you had trouble like that. That's why I refuse to go shopping. Here the stores take two days a week to allow the elderly to shop early. Ungodly early from what I understand. Hope all went well otherwise and you are safe now,

  7. WoW. This is a fantastic painting. No flattery here-it is great. I don't see it as scary at all. It's perfectly balanced light and dark, beautiful compostition. Well done, I give it a 'Yup!'


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