Saturday, May 16, 2020

My Flowers

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we had our 1 day of sunshine so I spent the day out back playing in my garden.  We are now in another 7 days of fricken rain storms. The main thing I hate about living here.

I forgot to show all of you what my Son and his family sent me for Mother's Day. I was so surprised to see this sitting on my front porch. 

With so many states starting to open, including mine, it is important now to be more careful than before. As for Mr. M. and me, we are staying inside, away from people and the tourist that just keep coming form other cities and states.

Now how pretty is this?
 When it storms here I can have all my curtains open and it is still like night in my house.
The clouds just block any sun rays. 

Be Safe if you venture out.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Beautiful flowers, enjoy. Sooner or later the weather must get better! Stay safe, Valerie

  2. Hi Nicole, your flowers are so pretty! 💛💛💛

    Bet you're a great mom! I know I like you. ✌🏻 I don't mind the rain that much but, I probably would just like you if it were that often and, annoying. 😄

  3. very nice the flowers, Have fun with it!
    If the weather is so bad, make yourself comfortable at home!
    Stay safe, Elke

  4. You have received a beautiful bouquet from your son. I can see you painting the bouquet before they droop.

    It's raining here daily, too. Seems we get what you send our way, Nicole.


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