Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Movie Joker

 Hi Everyone!

I have had a very busy day and now am fixing fried chicken, potatoes, corn and homemade biscuits oh and country gravy. This is NOT the type of food Mr. M. and I normally eat. However,  last month this chicken was on sale so I got it. I told Mr. M. "Hey, it's food". Also I am not frying the chicken in oil. My new pan doesn't require it.
 I don't know why I told all of you that. Who cares what I am fixing for dinner. LOL
I mentioned in my previous post that I watched the movie "Joker. Debra from She Who Seeks asked what I thought about it.  
For those of you who DON'T know,  I AM the macabre queen. I love scary, weird, strange, sci fi, zombies, skulls, and aliens. I do NOT like slasher or gore.  So when I saw the previews of Joker, I thought it was something I would like. 
For me the movie felt disconnected from any story line. The Joker was mentally ill and had a laughing tick. There were flash backs and flash forwards that, for me made the movie disjointed. I never knew if he was hallucinating or it was the real thing. Mr. M. and I could not wait for the movie to end. The ending was hmmm stupid, and very disappointing. On a good note, Joaquin Phoenix played the part he was given very well. He makes for a good crazy guy.  Of course this is just my opinion, 
I wouldn't watch it again. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I giggled at you being the “macabre queen”. I think I used to be that, made some really ugly, scary dolls, and other things from that genre. But, I got over it! Maybe that’s the reason we connect with our art. Perhaps I’m not as over it as I thought. 😱

  2. Thanks foe sharing your opinion of "Joker" -- I haven't watched it yet, am not sure if I want to -- I'd have to be in a special kind of mood to do so. And yet I've heard (and you confirmed) that Joaquin Phoenix's performance is outstanding (and he IS a favourite actor of mine). So I will probably watch it.

    Your dinner sounds yummy! One I'd gladly help eat, LOL! Especially biscuits, mmmm.

  3. I would gladly join you, even though I'm a vegetarian. I'd pig out on biscuits, gravy, corn, and potatoes.

    I read that Joaquin Phoenix paid a price in his health and well being after playing that part in the movie. Sorry, it's not my thing at all. Give me a good mystery and I'm happy.

  4. Hey Nicole, I've watched The Joker movie as well. Well, if skipping some parts means "watching it", then I did. Same experience as you. Kinda painful to watch. I do get the story behind it and, think that's not that bad. Also, think Joaquin Phoenix received an Academy Award for this role.

  5. that sounds like a great dinner, makes me hungry lol
    havent seen joker yet, one day when we have nothing to do maybe

  6. Thanks for sharing your opinion of "Joker" … have to say it's not a film I would watch.

    All the best Jan


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