Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Barbara this one is for you.

Hi Everyone!
I am so happy that all of you come by and leave comments for me. On my post yesterday and the day before Barbara from Pinelands Creations, who just happens to be an exciting artist,  left some great comments asking me questions. We have this connection in the way we create, although our art is very different. Hey, that's the joy and beauty of art. Anyway, I started this painting and said I would work on it.  She asked if I had an idea of where it was going? My answer is, No. I just started adding paint then scraping if off to get a stained glass effect. I wanted something on top so how can you go wrong with black and white? My go to colors. LOL. Sooo for you Barbara this is what I have so far. I believe this is how my brain feels right now.  It started like this.
 Then I went here with it and didn't like it.
This is where it is now. 
As I look at it on my PC. I see where I will go next with it. It is interesting that it also represents the creepy movement I still have in my right eye. NO the doctor is not very interested in getting it fixed. His assistant phoned me today and the call was not beneficial for me. Anyway I am just trying to live with it. 

Next, Barbara bread starter is so easy to make. 
2 cups warm water, 2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 t yeast if you have it, if not use granulated sugar.
Mix it up taking out any lumps. Cover and put in warm place. 
I use the top of my fridge. Leave it alone.  The next day take a look it should be big and bubbly. Leave it alone. The next day it will have settled down. Leave it alone. 
Wait 8 days total then make bread. I will post a recipe when I make mine.

Be safe everyone and Elbow Hugs.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Personally, I liked the middle one best. I guess I like structure and that felt structured. I look forward to seeing where this is going, Nicole.

  2. Hi Nicole, many artists don't always know what they're doing from the very start. And that's completely fine. You were right, the second version wasn't the best. But the final one (if it really is final) is so much better. I really do love it! ^.^

  3. Your painting looks fabulous Nicole, great to see your steps. I wonder where it will go next.
    Interesting to see your bread recipe. We don't eat flour, so I make oat bread which is delicious and very filling 😊
    I hope you will get some good news regarding your eye very soon.
    Stay safe,
    Alison xx

  4. Well, now I know we are related! My paintings often morph into something totally different, and they keep going until something speaks to me. Where your painting is now speaks to me of the chaotic virus situation we are all living through. Yet it’s colorful, so I feel hope. BUT actually I probably would have stopped after the first one. That one spoke to me in a personal way. I have a happy “condition” called “Pareidolia”. One either has it or they don’t, and there’s just one main symptom — seeing faces in things. Your first painting immediately looked like a Native American with long, wavy hair on the left side, face profile on the right (forehead, long nose, chin). I have some Native American ancestry, so I may have been more receptive. Do you see that? I love that one!

  5. Barbara is one of my best and longest blog friends. I love it that you two are discussing your methods since you both create great art of two very different outcomes. I LOVE that. Sorry about your eye. We often look to our docs as miracle workers. Recently I was reminded by Terry's cardiologist just how human they are when he tried to talk us out of moving to CA. I won't go into why, but it didn't involve HIS specialty. We ended the appointment with a statement that Terry would rather live for 5 happy years than 10 miserable Indiana years.
    xx, Carol...stay well

  6. I've had paintings like that, start with something and not sure where it is going, then make changes and changes, they don't always work out but it is usually fun on the way.

  7. Nicole, I love the way you create! Please take care of you and your right eye!

  8. This is a fun post-glad I didn't miss it. I'm going to try the bread too. Barbara is tops as an artist. So are you. Your art is very exciting and spontaneous. I wish I could let myself go that way!! I seem to have to have everything so balanced and just right (to me). I need to just play! I like all versions of your painting here.

  9. What a beautiful painting, I love it!
    Tammy x


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