Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fool's Day

Hi Everyone!

April Fool's Day was always a fun day for me and my siblings. Even as I got older I loved this day, playing jokes on Mr. M. although he is better at the joking. I will have to think of something good to get him today. It also meant that my mom and I would be spending our birthdays together. I was born 3 days after my mom's birthday. She has been gone for awhile now but my memories of all the fun birthdays are so fresh in my mind. April 24 and 27. I can't believe I will be as old as I am. OK OK I will be 68. YIKESSSSS That just doesn't seem possible. I still feel 30 something in my brain. I am still limber as any youngster, I can lunge and do more squats than my actual 30 year old niece and I can out walk all of my friends. Oh and I can lift a 50 lb bag of anything without a struggle. Even with lupus I am fit and feel younger than I am. (Years of daily workouts) So I guess the number doesn't matter right? LOL 
With being home now Mr. M. and I work out even more during the day. Do you exercise during the day? What is your routine, and how are you keeping fit during this time?

Now for art.
One of my favorite blogs, and you will see why once you visit there, is FitStuds
Some of you already visit there. It is my daily eye candy of beautiful guys. LOL I got permission to draw one to the faces from this site and here it is. I don't have the eyes quite right but I am happy with this. Even the hair. 

Be Safe my friends and Elbow Hugs
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Hi Nicole. Yeah, think April Fool's Day is a special day for everyone. Or at least it was when we were all kids. It's pretty crazy how the years go by so fast. The drawing is lovely. And he is more gorgeous in here than in the original photo, as expected.

    You did very well, Nicole. Can't stop staring, haha! He's just so much more handsome in this drawing, in my honest opinion. Love it!

  2. Yes, he is a handsome guy and a doctor. Debra you have to visit this site. It is a delight to see all the fit, beautiful men on this site.

  3. Must admit April Fools was not a think for me growing up. I love your drawing, looks great. I don't any of us feel our age. My husband tells me I act like a 5 year old ! x

  4. Lovely drawing of that gorgeous man. Keeping fit is important! Stay safe, Valerie

  5. I love the portrait you drew! Super ! You know I am also a fan of the hot boy blog ! Eyecandy for cool!
    I also still feel 30 something in my brain even though I turn 57 this November.
    Never felt better than since I am vegan and I got fit like an athletic shoe since then!
    Normally I do swimming three times a week but now I do long walks and YT Zumba
    and yeah ... movement is life!!!
    Keep on moving Nicole!!!!
    And keep on washing this hands !
    Elbow hugs,

  6. Your drawing is wonderful! I don’t have the ability to draw AT ALL anymore with arthritis and such. But I’m much older than you so just keep moving while you can. Things do slow down in ones 70s though. My doctors advice is “Stay active”. I do exercise but it is now down to walking about a mile each day. If the weather isn’t good,I use a treadmill. Other than that, homemaking chores in our large house keep me on my feet most of the time. Sitting is reserved for painting. 🙂

  7. Lovely drawing.
    I must admit if I get engrossed in art or something I find it very hard to get round to exercising, I know I should but I find it so boring. I did go for a walk today though.

  8. You sound very fit Nicole. It's good to look after our bodies. I'm an avid walker, but now I'm confined to the house, I've been following a daily exercise programme, which includes aerobics, callanetics, isometrics and yoga.
    Your latest artwork looks amazing, and I will take a look at the link you shared.
    Elbow hugs, keep safe,
    Alison xx

  9. So glad you are staying fit and keeping youthful. I missed April Fool's Day this year. I normally celebrate it, but not so this year. In fact, I don't seem to care about much at all. When I kept getting knocked off the internet, it was devastating. I've really shut down. A bad time for that, too, since I recycle something every day from the 1st thru Earth Day. Looks like our birthdays are quite close together, too.

    Your drawing is incredible. You sure got the hair god, at least it seems to be right to me. Stay safe and healthy.

  10. He is handsome!
    Good for you exercising! I do several different stretches and squats everyday and I walk!
    Big Hugs!


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