Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday Treasures

Hi Everyone!

Like a lot of families, mine is spread out all over the country. My son lives in Florida with his family and my daughter and her husband live in VA. Of course I live in Oregon. The rest of my family is all over the map, from AK, to Texas, to WA, to MT to CA. I so wish my kids and grand kids lived closer. I miss them all the time but today I miss them more. I think the idea of not being able to fly over to see them. So, these are my treasures for Tuesday.

OMG! Me and Mr M. around 1983. He always seemed to have his hand on my butt in photos. LOL

Me and my son, Troy. Some time in the early 1990s

My daughter, April and me a few years ago in OR. We were having a great conversation with the waitress.

Me and April. This is how OR. beaches are most of the time. Cold and windy.

April and Troy at the beach in NC. So much warmer.

Troy and April her in OR with me 2 years ago.

April with her husband Dax. Couldn't ask for a better SIL.

April last Oct. What a beauty.

A terrible photo of my son but this is my granddaughter, grandson, son and grandson.

My son and great granddaughter.

My oldest grandson. Did 6 years in US Air Force.

My granddaughter has been in the US Air Force since she was 18.

And this is my great granddaughter. This is her personality. She is bilingual. One morning I greeted her with, "Hola me amor",  She replied, " Gramdma, I just can't hola right now" She was 3. The entire room busted out laughing.

My great granddaughter making tamales just last week. Yeahhhh I miss my family.

This is an older photo of when my grand daughter came home from her first deployment. She had been gone a year.

My son, grandson and DIL. This was last fall, my grandson's signing into the US Air Force. He was suppose to go into basic training after graduation. Not sure what will happen now.
 Well that is just a small part of my family. Do you live close to your family? 
Do you get to see them very often?
Let me know in your comment. 

Be safe my friends and Elbow Hugs.
I am so glad that people are sharing my Elbow Hugs.

 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. You have a lovely family. Hope you get to see them soon. x

  2. You've got a beautiful family! And the Air Force seems to be a real family tradition too!

  3. Beautiful family! Being a distance from them makes you one of many. I’m; not as far from our family as you,but it does take trip planning to see them. Right now no matter how far away everyone is, I guess spending time together is on hold. We have lots of company!

  4. What a beautiful family you have Nicole!
    Our parents are fairly close by, but our son and daughter are both a few hours drive away. Thank goodness for video calls!
    Elbow hugs,
    Alison xx

  5. Hello Nicole, your family photos are beautiful. Being able to keep in contact via all the modern ways definitely helps doesn't it. All the best to you and yoursxx

  6. What a gorgeous family! They are treasures indeed. I hope things are better soon and we can spend time with family outside of our homes...

  7. A wonderful family .. and you all look amazing !!!!
    Thank you for sharing! You can be so proud of them all!
    And you and your hubby were and are a great couple as well!
    Happy start of April , take good care of you!

    Susi xxx

  8. You have such a beautiful, close family! Congrats Nicole! My family is very small! LOL! Big Hugs!


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