Thursday, January 24, 2019


Hi Everyone!

It has been a fast and furious week. Just way too much going on and trying to rest my foot at the same time. Hmmmm doesn't really work. LOL I had a wonderful interaction with Monica from Nature Footstep  we started chatting about the balloon art and leather. We both prepared some leather then balloon painted it. Mine turned out more abstract, which is what I am and from that I am making leather flowers to go into a leather flower bouquet.
The balloon painted leather

Flower from the first leather photo
other art this week is beading
27" Cellini Necklace

Larger Cellini with a turn 
I really love these colors.

This is the Black To White display at the Siuslaw Library here in Florence, OR.

            It looks more dynamic in person. 
            The lighting is awful in the library. 

I hope you enjoyed the art and I look forward to seeing yours. 
I am linking with Paint Party Friday.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I missed you last week Nicole but whatever you have done to your foot I wish it a speedy recovery. I'm sure all the rushing around this week has taken your mind off what ever the problem/pain is. Lots of beauty to look at today, fabulous sculptured leather flowers and I always adore your precise beadwork, such a good eye with you pattern, a lot more neat than I could ever be.
    Your monochromes are one big happy family hanging together. Magnificent display, I'm so proud for you.
    PPF HUgs Tracey xx

  2. Your leather art is stunning. Love the necklaces!
    Happy PPF xx

  3. Beautiful beaded pieces, wow! Happy PPF, Valerie

  4. Love the flower you created. Looks stunning. And, maybe I actually can make one myself with the pieces I have :)
    Your exhibilion walls looks great. I like black and white. You can handle anything I think. I like youe beadworks as well, but I think my neck would not. They look heavy. :)

    1. Thanks Monica. Just wanted to mention that the beadwork is actually not heavy at all.

  5. Hi, Nicole. Sorry to hear your foot is still giving you bother. You've made the most of your time, though. These pieces are wonderful.

  6. Balloon painting produces an interesting effect! Too bad about the lighting at the library but at least people are seeing and enjoying your work!

  7. Such gorgeous work you do Nicole!

  8. wonderful variety of projects Nicole. Always fun to try new things isn't it. Gorgeous beadwork!! Happy PPF!

  9. Beautiful artwork. I love the beaded necklace.

  10. I do like the look of your beaded necklace, nice colours.
    Your exhibition walls look very good.

    Take care, hope your foot heals quickly.

    All the best Jan

  11. What stunning bead work!!!!!!!
    Hope your foot gets well!!!!!!!!

  12. really colourful piece4s of leather :D

  13. I love that leather flower! It's amazing!
    Speaking of amazing, your bead work is breath taking!!!
    I love the way your art looks! Wow! So happy for you, with the display at the exhibition!
    Take Care of your foot! Big Hugs!

  14. Hi Nicole, I didn't make it to PPF this week but am popping in to see your art and, wow, I was knocked out.
    The leather flower you made is fabulous and your beautiful necklaces and so wonderful!
    Your exhibition of black and whites looks great seeing them hung. Well done, your creativity is amazing. Have a beaut week :D)

  15. Thank you everyone for all of your nice and encouraging comments.

  16. The black and white paintings look gorgeous! I am so glad that you're able to bead again, you do very beautiful works.

  17. The colorful leather makes such a cool flower! Also love the brown and red jewelry.

  18. What a fantastic selection of amazing projects Nicole! Fabulous! You are such a talent!

    Big hugs, Susi

  19. You are so talented, beautiful work!

  20. Hi Nicole! Beautiful artwork, I especially love the necklaces.
    And thank you for entering the giveaway at MagicLoveCrow. Best of luck!