Thursday, December 10, 2015

PPF and the STORM is BACK

Hi Everyone!
Fist thanks for all the emails and phone calls to make sure we are OK here on the Oregon coast. We had a bit of a break from the storm yesterday but IT IS back!  To all my Oregon cost bloggers stay warm and safe. 
So as the rain plummets against my house and the windows rattle from the high winds I do have a few things to show for PPF.  Thank you to Eva and Kristin for hosting Paint Party Friday and to all of the artists who show their art every week. 

It is so dark with the storm I couldn't get good photos today. Might be better if you click on them.
I finished another sculpted leather face with some embossed brick leather. This is a placed on a 16x20 gallery canvas that has a bubble texture created with old paint and a heat gun. 
This is called Bubbles n Bricks.

 Close up of the bubble. Painted with air brush.

 More bubbles.

This piece isn't quite finished but I am liking the mystery of it.

Finally just playing around. Found this fantasy bird in the painting.
  Have a truly wonderful weekend

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Wonderful work again, love the leather pieces, and the paintings are great. Stay safe, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Lovely creative work you do Nicole, stay safe in the storm!

  3. The textures you achieved on that first piece are mesmerizing, and I also really like the mystery of that 2nd piece you're working on. Hope you continue to be well during the storm. Happy PPF!

  4. Amazing art! The leather art is sooo unique! Keep care and stay safe!
    Happy Friday!

  5. These are all gorgeous Nicole...beautiful works!The Bubble is cool!
    It's been quite sometime since I visited!!!
    Hope everything is ok now :)
    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Nicole, what you call playing around I call an amazing piece of art. Your work is always so different and beautiful. You continue to inspire me. Stay safe. I will be thinking of you.

  7. Wow- didn't know there was such a big storm but I hope all goes well and the "sun" comes back out soon- or at least the storm stops. Love all your pieces this week. That texture piece is amazing!

  8. I love your creations this week Nicole. I am especially intrigued by the bubbled acrylic. I got that affect once but cannot remember how... hmm. I might have used metallic paints. You have me wanting to experiment now. I also like your mysterious painting and the bird you found. xo irene

  9. Love the art. You are paying for the El Nino while I am enjoying 60 degree temps. Mixed emotions on this weather cycle.
    xx, Carol

  10. fabulous projects Nicole! Glad to know you are safe and have power. Hope it all ends soon. Happy PPF!

  11. Snuggle in with your art and stay safe!!

  12. Please stay safe, Nicole!! The storm looks crazy. xo

  13. Oh boy, I saw on FB what happened to your fence. Stay safe, and hope your power doesn't go out. We are having almost ridiculously warm weather!

    This piece is just stunning--beautiful texture!

  14. Such beautiful works! I love the fantasy bird especially! I hope the storm passes safely by.

  15. What an amazing art media you are working in! So impressive and stunning. Love the textures! Excited to see it finished!

  16. Hope you are ok. i also have family in Portland. lovely work as always.

  17. Great artworks, hope, the storm is over now (?)
    Have a quiet sunday

  18. How extraordinary! You have such a wonderful, unique style.

  19. Your paintings are terrific, I agree the first one looks very mysterious and the lime-coloured fantasy bird is fun, it's great when you "find" something like that.

  20. Awesome artwork. I really like the bubbled up background with the leather. Looks very cool. I think the second one looks great just as it is. And your hummingbird is so cute. You have definitely been busy. Are you making any Holiday presents? Great post. I am still blog hopping from PPF! Rasz

  21. Impressive art, Nicole. Your style is unique.
    Have a great Christmas time xx

  22. I love the bubbly texture you created. It really looks gorgeous.

    So, you had multiple storms where you live. We had too last week. Seems to be a new trend. I think your stormy nature piece will look nice when finished :)

  23. I hope everything is well after the storm! Not good! I saw about your fence!! Your art is truly amazing girl! WOW! Seriously, I love it! The mysterious one is gorgeous! Big Hugs!


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