Sunday, December 13, 2015


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This week I will share more about the paints that Liquitex carries. The selection is long and can accommodate any of your artistic adventures. You can check out previous posts here. Also here
Liquitex Basics are very popular for so many reasons. 
36 value priced colors. The colors are uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and clarity of each individual pigment. Colors are inter-mixable with all the Liquitex Professional Grade Colors and Mediums. All colors are non-toxic and hold the AP seal from ACMI for safe education use. Flip-top cap for quick and easy dispensing and closing. Contains the same binder as Liquitex Professional Grade Acrylics.

Basics® Matt
Basics Matt is a soft body acrylic with a smooth consistency for easy application and blending. Its free flow formula ensures an even leveling. Basics Matt's rich saturated colors dry to a flat matte sheen and have gouache-like properties for excellent o opacity.  Creamy, soft body consistency allows for easy brush out and thinning with water or mediums .Water resistant when dry. Allow seven days to fully dry.

Liquitex also carries a Decorative Series of Interference colors. These paints are actually colorless, transparent colors made from titanium coasted mica flakes rather than  from traditional pigments. I know colorless colors?  They are also known as "Opalescent colors" They change their dioxide color exhibiting a metallic look and color shift depending on the viewing angle. As the light hits the mica flakes it either bounces off directly, reflecting the color or passes through to another layer and bounces out at a different refractive index displaying the colors complement. The effect is visually similar to a thin coat of oil floating on water.  The come in 2oz containers.

Iridescent paints are also known as "metallic"  paints that do not tarnish. They mimic the effect of bronzing powders. Bronzing powders can NOT be used with acrylic emulsions as they tarnish due to the alkalinity of the binder. Iridescent paints are made from titanium coated mica flakes with an outer layer of transparent light absorbing colorant, rather than traditional pigments. Light absorbing colorant layers determine the observed color. Iridescent pigments are "optically opaque" and they rely on the reflected light only for the effect. No interference "flip" color is observed. These colors will not oxidize.

I had a longer list of paints  but for some reason  the text would not appear on my blog. I will try for those next week.

Honor and integrity in art and live.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the information Nicole! Love this post!

  2. Thank you Nicole! I haven't used any of their iridescent paints in a while, but I really do like them. I enjoyed reading this.


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