Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hi Everyone!

Wow what a storm that was. It is over, for now anyway. Our back fence will need some repair but we are way better off than some others on the Oregon coast. Lots of flooding and landslides. Some 26,000 people still without power.  We are good and thanks to all the emails people have sent to check on us. This landslide is Near Portland, OR.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. oh Nicole, I'm sorry to hear this! It's never good to be without power for too long... or to need repairs done to your home after a storm. I'm happy to know you're ok. Wow, this landslide looks awful. It must be terrifying to witness. Take care of yourself! xx

  2. I've seen what you have posted on FB and watched the reports on the news. You are really getting hit hard with more on the way. Best wishes for things to get back to normal soon.
    x, Carol

  3. We hadn't had a major power outage in awhile. It usually happens here when the freezes break tree branches that fall on power lines. I'm glad you'll are safe


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