Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hi Everyone!
This last week has been so much fun. My brother and his daughter came to visit. The weather was perfect (shocker) and my niece wanted to go to the beach. Since I am not walking well I told them I would just sit in the car and wait for them. Yeah Riiight! I hobbled my way over the jetty and to the beach. I had them go ahead of me. But once I caught up it was so much fun. The tide was out, not a breath of wind and the sun was shinning. (Hmmm is was so nice I thought I was on a different cost LOL) We made our way to the jetty rocks were we found a thousands of star fish and anemone.
We had so much fun.
Did I pay for all that fun???? Yep my foot just doesn't want to cooperate. Today I have to get an imaging on my foot and then physical therapy. REALLY???? I am so sick of this. LOL
Anyway here are a few photos.


Have a great Tuesday

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  1. Oh my goodness! Incredible photos of these living creatures Nicole. Just awesome. Sorry about your foot, but look at what you got out of it-wonderful pictures that can be used for different artistic things. Why you can sell them as prints on your Etsy Shop. Excellent. Have a wonderful day and hope your foot is better. Take care.

  2. What great photos! Sounds like a fun time. I do feel for you on the foot problem. I know you have handled all your health issues with such style and grace..unlike me. I am going for first operation in January-knee replacement. I'm being a big baby about it. I hope I can pull myself together and brave up by then!

  3. Amazing photos ;o) I am so happy you had such a great day with your brother and his daughter ;o) But, I am so sorry about your foot! Please take care!! xoxox

  4. Love these photos, Nicole! I'd be at the beach every day if I could find such amazing treasures!

  5. Great photos of the starfish and anemones! Your poor foot better start behaving, LOL. Hope the PT helps.

  6. Fun Times-- I love Ocean Life! I'd be dragging you there every day if I lived there-- :)

  7. Oh my gosh! These photos are amazing! I wish I lived near an ocean. :)


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