Friday, November 29, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I hope all of you had a very nice day yesterday. Mike and I did. The sun was shinning (YEAYYY) The food was all good and it was nice to be together. We have been working a jig saw puzzle and the last 120 pieces went in yesterday too. It is so much fun and funny doing a puzzle with Mike. He is totally color blind and puts the puzzles together by shapes. I am not kidding. LOL
So here is the finished puzzle. So nice to do something that is just fun with no stress.
1000 pieces of joy
Now for something truly beautiful
Take a moment to watch this. You will not be disappointed.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I love working jigsaw puzzles, too! This one is a beauty. The Starling video was amazing! I love watching birds fly "in formation"!

  2. Great puzzle! My mom just finished hers. She loves puzzles and every once and awhile, I walk by and help her ;o) They are addictive ;o) Your hubby puts it together all by the shapes?? Good for him! Happy you had a great Thanksgiving ;o) That video is breath taking!! Hugs ;o)


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