Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hi Everyone!
OK I confess, I admit it,  I am somewhat of a "CLEAN FREAK" Well... not somewhat, I am a clean freak. I am one of those people that see the dust and dirt in the nooks and crannies of my home. I clean my bathroom every day and then sanitize it one day a week. My kitchen has to be counter free of appliances and heaven for bid if there is any spots or finger prints on the stove or fridge. I sweep AND vacuum my floors. I clean under things, over things, and around things that no one will ever see.  OK I have a problem, I know I know. LOL Soooo, I made this confession to tell all of you about some cleaning supplies I am now using.
When my niece, Sarah was here she brought me the samples of these cleaners that she sells. I tried it on a tight corner of something I have been trying to clean for a while. Two sprays and I watch the crime come right out of the corner. OMG!!! It was amazing. This product is "green" so it won't hurt the environment, has the best refreshing fragrance and is no more expensive than what I buy in the stores that smell awful and just don't do the job.
Soooo wanna know what it is????
The products are Legacy of Clean. I am sure some of you know of these products and if you did you should have told me about them. LOL  If you are interested in taking the time OUT of cleaning stop by  Sarah's website.  I am telling you these products work and they work well.
My beautiful Niece, Sarah 
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  1. Wow, you do all that cleaning? You are a strong person, what with your ailments and all. Good for you. Now come clean my house. tee hee.

  2. HEHE...I can't believe you actually confessed to that!!!! Nothing wrong with a clean home. I love to clean...yes already know I'm crazy...but I do. I'm going to have to check out your nieces website. I need a cleaner that will remove a spot I just haven't been able to make budge.

    Hugs and TFC,

  3. Cool, thanks for letting me know ;o) I am a clean freak too ;o) LOL! I have to admit, I like to clean ;o) Something cleansing about it ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Mike helps me a lot. I have him trained really well. LOL But I like cleaning and it is great exercise.

  5. I dont know that I LIKE cleaning-- but I do it-- alot-- LOL.. Might even be a tiny bit OCD.. HEE HEE!


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