Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Hope your week is going well. Ours is so far and hope it continues. My hands have settled down a bit but still typing with one hand. uuuhhhgggg.... Thank you all for writing to me with well wishes.
The real topic today is photography. Great shots are like great paintings. The eye of the artist must be sharp and keen. Knowing how to shoot a great photo is an art. My good friend Lori (Cook) Culligan has that keen eye. I have always enjoyed Lori's photography and now you can too.
Lori and her husband have opened a new etsy store, Twisted Trails NW. If you love beautiful photography to decorate your home then  you  need to stop by Twisted Trails NW. If you send out note cards and want the beauty of photography then you need to stop by Twisted Trails NW. Lori ships all her photos with the greatest of care in packaging that will not damage or bend the photos. Here are just a few of what Lori has in Twisted Tails NW and she is adding more all the time.
These photos, after framing make wonderful gifts and will brighten your home's d├ęcor
Still life
 Who doesn't love photos of old barns? Lori has several to choose from.
 The note cards come beautifully packaged
You can also contact Lori at these sites
Stop by and say hello to Lori and tell her Nicole sent you.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. So nice of you to support others work Nicole. These paintings are super.

  2. Hi Nicole, wonderful pictures! I love old barns, they have so much character. Hugs and happy day to you, Wendy

  3. Lori appears to take some lovely photos. Do take care of your hands. Hugs.

  4. I do love her photos! Wasn't aware that she is making note cards now, too! Fantastic!


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