Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Today starts a new week. Anyway this is where I start my new weeks, on Mondays. Today I was looking for hands on the  web. My hands are giving me fits. They just don't want to work any more. It has been coming on for quite some time. lupus doesn't care what part of your body it effects. LOL So I have some photos of healthy strong hands today and then I came across a wonderfully cleaver artist.
Guido Daniele  Take care of your hands, pamper them, give them rest, keep them strong, and create beauty with them.


Beautiful hands
 And then these are the perfect description of my hands
Not to worry I will get them back lupus hasn't beat me yet
Now for some fun hand art Guido Daniele

Honor and Integrity in Art in Life


  1. Too funny! I already know the elephant. The strongest hands I've ever seen were those of an Italian cameo carver. I visited his studio and it was amazing to watch him work.

  2. Great hand shots!!! I can so relate to your trials with your hands..between the fibro and arthritis my hands have given me fits the past year.

  3. Wow that hand art is incredible! We probably take our hands for granted, and it isn't until they don't work properly that we realize what valuable tools they are. I am sorry to hear that yours are not working for you the way they should.keep your chin up, Nicole, and yes...don't let that nasty disease beat you.

  4. Great images of the hands! I am sending you healing thoughts for your hands! Be well ;o)

  5. Awwww, come on hands... work with us. Sending positive energy your way (particularly to your hands) so they'll learn it's so much better to work together. {Hugs!}

  6. The crocodile hand is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of my hands in Winter! ;)

    I'm so sorry your hands are giving you trouble, Nicole. I've been there before with carpal tunnel, and it's so frustrating! But yes, you will get them back. *Hugs.*


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