Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi Everyone!
I was going to write about this yesterday but didn't. Today I am because I have had people asking me about it and even my mail lady said something to me. Most of us here in the US know that our postal rates will be going up, again, on Jan. 27. It is a significant rise in price especially for international shipping. All of the amenities are going up in price as well. Any type of confirmation, insurance, postal money orders and P.O. Boxes. So I have been doing my online shopping and getting things I really need and want before Jan 27.  If you have had you eye on anything in my Beadwright etsy store or my Beadwright website I urge you to get it now. Sadly I will be raising my shipping rates as well. So Sorry.
Letters (1oz.) — 1-cent increase to 46 cents
Letters additional ounces — unchanged at 20 cents
Letters to all international destinations (1oz.) — $1.10
Postcards — 1-cent increase to 33 cents
 Small box — $5.80
Medium box — $12.35
Large box — $16.85
Large APO/FPO box — $14.85
Regular envelope — $5.60
Legal envelope — $5.75
Padded envelope — $5.95
Domestic Flat rate
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  1. postal rates are going up this soon?
    oh,crap! i knew they were ,but hadn't realized it was just around the corner!

  2. And they wonder why they are going out of business...Sheese!

  3. It's really making it hard for those of us that love to buy handmade and shop online! Thanks for all of the info!


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