Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi Everyone,
For the last year or longer, since blogger has been messing with blogger. Getting it all switched over to this new interface, (which I dislike very much) I have not been able to see the blogs that I am following. You know in the old blogger they were right there on the dashboard. I have tired to find a fix, looked through every help (ha ha ha) article blogger has, have written to blogger, have changed browsers and well I still don't have a reading list of the blogs I follow. Does any one out there know how to fix this? Please email me.
Wwhhaaaaa  I want to read what all of you are up to.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Hey sister! The blogroll is still on the dashboard page....mine usually takes a minute to load but it listed below next to "reading list" after you sign in.

    love ya!

  2. Irritating, huh?!!!! I have to go into my "dashboard" (which is not called that across the top anymore, either) and click on MY BLOGS. Under that, there comes up a line that says READING LIST...I have to click on that. It's not automatically there, like it used to be - I hate it too, Nicole.

  3. Well, when I changed the email associated with my blogs, I lost my entire blogroll, so I've slowly been adding it back, which is a serious pain. Any chance you changed your email?

  4. I have no clue but I LOVE YOU...if that helps!!!

    Triple fingers crossed,

  5. Thanks everyone. I have tried all of your suggestions and a million other things including writing blogger. No help there. REALLY?


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