Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Today is Veterans.  The day we honor and give thanks to the men and women who gave of themselves so selflessly.  I come from a military family. My research goes back to the Civil war and I even have some of my families war uniforms. WWI and WWII I had family fighting. The Korean war and of course Viet Nam. My brothers and cousins all went in to fight there. My son served in Desert Storm and now my Son-in-law Dax is a Staff Sergeant in the US Marines. My Granddaughter also serves in the Air National Guard.  Remember that the men and women who served and still serve today do the job with pride and honor. We should at least give that back to them.
Thank you to all the men, women and their families for serving us.
My Granddaughter Coral Marie
 My daughter April Dawn and my SIL Dax

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. your family has given much to our nation!!!
    a big thank them and all who have,and now,serve.
    my husband was in V. father the Pacific theater in WWII.
    our veterans have done ,and seen,and given so much.
    to those who never made it are not forgotten.


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