Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Not long ago I was looking at old photos of my great grandma Sadi and my grandma Dorothy. They had the most beautiful hair. The one good thing they passed down. LOL I tried to find a photo of me of my full hair but only found this dark one and one of my daughter.
Wishing everyone a happy day

Great Grandma Sadi
 Grandma (Nanny) Dorothy
 Terrible photo of me but it outlines hair. LOL
 And my daughter April.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Holy MOLY - THAT's some HAIR!!!I have a full, thick head of hair (that hairdressers usually cringe at because there's so much of it) compliments of my Mom, but it's not THAT much! What great and unusual photos of your Great Grandma and Grandma, that they wouldn't have had it pulled back severely, like the times dictated. WAY cool - Happy Thursday - Tanya

  2. would never know you had THAT much hair...WOW!!! Love the photos of your family...can so tell you come from a long line of very independent women!! Your daughter is a beauty..just like her mom.

    Hugs and Double fingers crossed,

  3. Wow! I can certainly see the resemblance between you and Great Grandma Sadi and you and your daughter. AND you all have such wonderful hair! Amazing how that carried down through the generations.
    xx, Carol

  4. Wow, I envy you so beautiful hair. Probably that is matter of genes, I have very thiny and delicate hair unfortunately.

  5. You all have the same lovely hair. How wonderful. The only pictures I have of my Grandma and Great Grandma are with their hair put up on top of their head in big swirls and curls. My Mom use to do both of their hair on Saturday night so they'd look pretty and pert for church. We forget how much hair ritual there was in the past. hair is straight straight straight. At times I wished mine was curly like this, but I know there is the other side of the coin.

  6. wow..wish i was in your family!!! my hair is so thin and fine.
    love,love,love the photos!!!

  7. Wow, great hair, every single one of you! I am a huge fan of big hair, being the proud owner of some, myself. :)


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