Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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I love art! It has been apart of my life through the generations of my family. I am fortunate to have had great grandparents, grandparents and parents who have been artists and writers and creators and innovators in several fields of art. I have mentioned before I had a paint brush in my hands before a spoon. Even though my view of art may differ from some of my family we all "see" the work, the emotion, and the depth of the art. We know the heart of artists who put their visions out for the world to witness, to comment on and to judge. I love art. I see art every where. I feel art in my veins and get excited about it. It is this excitement that moved me when I received this remarkable book from Lark. The Push Print series take a group of 31 artists to create the most contemporary pieces and to PUSH the boundaries of their field, then take it a step further in printmaking. Jamie and Keith Berger are the Cranky Pressman and state that printmaking is not for wimps. This is evident on every page.
The art in this book will stir you, make you think, make you laugh, give you pause and just maybe take you to a different place in your own art thought process. I can not put this book down and either will you.
Lark has surpassed their excellence on this one.

Push Print
30+ Artists Explore the Boundaries of Printmaking
Curated by Cranky Pressman, Jamie and Keith Berger
ISBN 978-1-4547-0328-0

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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