Monday, September 17, 2012


Hi Everyone!

This weekend Mike and I took our monthly trek to see my mom. She lives in southern OR. where the weather is hot and sunny. I so love and miss that. I am actually sitting in my house now with the heater on. Burrr....
We really had a great weekend. On Saturday we drove over to Jacksonville, OR. If you are in the Medford, OR. area don't miss the short drive over to Jacksonville. The town is on the historic registry and has not only kept up with the history but has made this a attractive and fun place to visit. There so many activities going on, from concerts, to wine tasting and everything in between. An old time trolley ride takes you all through town.  Every weekend of the year has something special going on. The weekend before last Heart preformed. Darn I would have loved that concert. Anyway the day was perfectly warm and sunny. We met some terrific people. Lynn, the owner of the toy store is awesome!
Oh and this toy store is not the typical mall toy store.

Jacksonville Inn is the place to eat. Excellent food and service. We sat on the patio very nicely decorated.
 Mom and Mike
 Lynn owner of the toy store. She is an energetic fun lady.

When we arrived back at mom's we had a visitor. I spent all afternoon/evening with this little guy. I set up a bucket of water, some apples from the tree, and some large rock salt.
The perfect ending to a great day.

A little spike

 How beautiful is he?

 He was so happy in the yard and not afraid of me at all. That might not be too good. Hunting season is coming soon.

 I got tons of photos. He bedded down in the trees and was gone in the morning.

Hope your weekend was as nice.

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  1. What a great trip. Love the photos. The toy store brought back fond memories from childhood of a little toy store in Nebraska where I got to pick anything in the store. As a child I didn't know it was a 5&10 and nothing in the store was over a dollar. All I knew was I was in heaven. I still have the little 2" plastic doll I chose.

  2. What a beautiful little guy! What is he called? He looks like our deer. And believe, he know exactly when hunting season has begun. You'll never see him then. :)

  3. Sounds like a fun trip. The deer is just beautiful!


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