Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I was starting to freak out over my MRI and the things that lurk in my brain. LOL. You know what to do, how to do it. Mike said, "Enough, bad legs or not we are going to the river." The day was actually pretty nice for Florence. We walked passed the docks to a really pretty place that was people free. It calmed me. Nature always does. I took several photos but didn't realize until I got home that I had not changed the settings on my camera. OMG it's starting already brain fog! Ha ha ha just joking.
I managed to save these photos even though they are not great you get the idea of the serenity.
Wishing all of you a happy day

The Cormorants are everywhere here. They are fun birds to watch.

 This guy lives on the docks. Like I said my camera was not set correctly.

 I removed the color to see if it would show the Great Egret better.

He is really a beauty and I watch him for a long while. Elegance in nature

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. What an awesome Egret.. And I really like him in Black and white... very cool!

  2. The photos are pretty, regardless of the camera setting. When I looked at them, something seemed familiar, so I went back to your last the picture of you and Mike...and saw the metal sculpture on the wall behind you!

  3. I like the color photo of the Egret. The blue-ish touch. But without color it's beautiful. We have cormorants here, too. Beautiful birds, but the fishermen hate them.

  4. Mother Nature always seems to have her ways of calming...when we listen to her. ^_^ I'm glad you got out and about and shared your time with us. I LOVE the photos....perfect the way the are!!



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