Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I know in some places you really do get an autumn season. I do miss the seasons here. Anyway to get everyone in the mood for this season here is my autumn kit. It includes one copy of my Beaded Gourdgeous Gourds book, one gourd cleaned on the outside, two bobbins of Nymo thread, 2 beading needles, some bees wax, and around 100 grams of seed beads. If you are a beader that wants to do more with your craft or if you are a gourd artist who want to do more with your craft then this is the autumn kit for you. The book shows the different beading stitches and how to care and handle the gourd. There are 6 full projects to complete. Once you get the idea you can create some beautiful beaded gourd art.
All this in my Beadwright etsy store

You will get all this

 Never thought to make beautiful candle holders with gourds?

 Just a few of my pieces over the years

This gourd is lined

Leather, feathers, beads and gourd yeahhhh

 So easy to create

 Stone paint your gourd and then bead it up

 One of my garden gourds

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  1. That is an amazing kit. My Mom used to paint gourds. I love how you have beaded them!

  2. I purchased one of your gourds kits and the book is fantastic. As you may remember, I just completed my first gourd. Start to finish your book is so helpful! Anyone thinking about creating with gourds would love it!

  3. Oh my gosh! How gorgeous. Your creations are stunning!

  4. I like the idea of painting gourds. I tried growing them one season but had a hard time with them. Planned on painting them. Great work you've done there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nicole, your gourds are "gourd-ous!" :) No applause, just enjoy the show!

    I honestly wouldn't know where to start with a gourd. I think the representation of taking something created by mother earth and adding more beauty to it in the form of beadwork is really a magical gift. Some day dear friend, I will learn from you how to create gourd art! It's on my bucket list!

    In the mean time, as fall starts here in WI, I'll make sure to capture the colors best I can to share with you. Sending cool autumn breezes and apple crisp thoughts your way dear friend!

  6. Yes, the temps say that fall is here and I think I enjoy it. I have no fav season but I enjoy every single one with its beauty and magic. Beautiful gourds you created!


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