Saturday, August 25, 2012


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You all know how much I love the wild, artful, shoes that are out today. The shapes, colors, and the height of them fascinate me. It amazes me that women actually wear these shoes. Everyone knows who Lady Gaga is, here are a few photos of her shoes. There were many photos of her falling in these shoes as well.

To me these are beautiful shoes and I would love to own any of them. However, not to wear. While I was at my mom's this last week, we went through boxes of old photos. One album we found is the account of my grandmother's second husband's time over seas in WWII. One photo was so upsetting. It was a photo of a Chinese woman's bare bound feet. When I saw the photo it sent chills up my spine. Over the week I thought of all the crazy things we do to out bodies especially our feet. So my question is, are wearing shoes like these a form of foot binding in a less extreme? We know that shoes like these deform and cripple the feet.
Tell me your thoughts
Here is a link for Chinese Foot Binding. Very good history information.
No I won't post the photo I have it is very disturbing.

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  1. I did a paper in college on foot binding. I couldn't believe the accounts I found that said that some of the women actually PREFERRED to bind their feet. The sad thing is, once a foot is deformed by binding, the women have to continue binding for the rest of their life in order to MINIMIZE pain. On a side note, I agree, some of those shoes would make great art pieces, but I could never wear them!


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