Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi Everyone!
As you know I am an avid Project Runway viewer. Most of the time I find it entertaining, impressive, and inspiring. Last night I want to reach into the TV and slap Ven right up side is block head. The show was about regular people bringing in a friend for a make over. All the women were beautiful. Ven was upset that he didn't get a "model size" lady and really treated his client terribly. He actually humiliated her at every turn and of course made a dress from hell. I seriously don't know how he stayed on the show this week. 
Also he doesn't think he did anything wrong.
Watch the full show here

Shame on you Ven. I was voting for you until last night. And uhhmmm have you looked in the mirror lately? 

 This is Terry, Ven's client for the show. She is a beautiful woman. Ven's clothing NOT!
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  1. Honestly I don't watch the show when it runs on TV here. I mean look at her: she's cute and beautiful! So why not take the challenge and make her look more beautiful in super duper clothes, Ven????

  2. I have seen this show a couple of times, but not a regular viewer. Does he think he's a designer? A True Artist would have made her look fantastic!

  3. That's such a shame! Both that he treated her like that and that he didn't use the opportunity to create something beautiful for her to wear. Especially considering the fact that most people in the world aren't model-sized, either!

    My fashion hero Mondo would never have been mean like that. :)

  4. Not a show I watch. But Shame on him. I'll bet it wont last long or at least I hope he doesnt. Jerk!

  5. He must not have a good relationship with his mother, or he doesn't have any sisters because his comments were just cruel. I wanted to see him go this week, but there is always next week!

  6. she is beautiful.
    he is a pig with an ugly soul.
    i don't watch the show..but if i did i would write the producers and complain loudly about him.

  7. He was a jerk....instead of taking the challenge and learning something new and making her feel beautiful...he just whined...kinda like last years competitor, Olivier...he kinda did the same thing last year...I liked Ven until last god! is he egotistical! I'm rooting for Christopher or Melissa..

  8. I don’t know who Ven thinks he is, but a few ladies around my office at Dish and I certainly got a good laugh from the irony of his fat face telling his client all those mean things! I can’t wait to see him go. This season is definitely filled with some, uh, colorful characters. LOL! At least these crazy designers make this season really fun to watch. I’m glad I decided to tune in this year. I usually don’t watch Project Runway but, since I have the Hopper DVR with tons of recording space, I found myself recording episodes on a whim. Now I’m hooked! Plus, it’s nice to be able to skip through all of Ven’s prideful monologues.


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