Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Wow do I feel better today. I mean like night and day. Not 100% but getting there. Thanks for all the prayers and healing energy.

Soooo you know I am an avid Project Runway watcher. I was getting a bit frustrated when my cable (Ha Charter) was out. The video came back on but no audio. OMG not now not when Project Runway is starting. After about 30 minutes it all got fixed and I was able to watch Mondo usher in the new contestants. Love the opening in Time Square. Very cool! There is a huge range of talent with the contestants this year and I am not sure about Kooan he is out there isn't he. He is hilarious thought. Ven by far has the most skill and I think he should have won last night. However, I am glad Christopher won over Gunnar. I also like  Andrea she is awesome, Dmitry I think is going to show us some amazing garments, and Sonjia is going to strike like a quiet cat. I really like this show, can you tell????

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  1. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE Project Runway! Glad Christopher won, too...that brown dress was incredible! Don't know how long I can take Kooan - he's definitely there for the shock value! Happy Saturday - Tanya

  2. I love Project Runway, too!! Was so glad my daughter started flipping through the channels and caught it as it started. My poor husband just had to sit through it! lol There is a wide variety of characters this season. Should be a fun!


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