Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I thought I would do these book  reviews and try to focus on something other than pain.
Let see how it goes. LOL.

The first book is by Marthe Le Van. Marthe has put together, along with 20 designers, a book that is interesting and full of some techniques you may not be aware of. The book is all about creating jewelry with fabric. Now, my beading friends always say I love the "F" word, FABRIC! because I incorporate so much of it in my work. So I was delighted to see what how other's use the "F" word. As always Lark has produced a photo filled book that gives excellent instruction with precise detail. If you already use fabric in your jewelry making or just want to learn something new this book is the one for you. 20 projects and ideas that will allow you to create in a very different manner.
Making Fabric Jewelry
Mathe Le Van
ISBN 978-1-4547-0415-7

Second Book

Being in bed for the last 2 plus weeks I was so happy when Mike brought this book into me.
Thanks Ray for sending it.

This is the new Showcase 500 beaded jewelry series. IT IS FANTASTIC! I was completely thrilled to see some of my very good friends represented in this book. Ray Hemachandra has presented old and new pieces through out the book in elegance and charm. I think out of all the 500 jewelry series this just may be my favorite. Every page is filled with the inspiration and creative spirit of the artists. The photography is excellent and the jewelry perfectly placed on every page. This book captures the imagination and then allows it to flow to the next page. I do like this book very much and highly recommend it to any artists in any medium.
Showcase 500
beaded jewelry
Ray Hemachandra
ISBN 978-1-4547-0316-7

My very long time friends

Suzanne Golden

Dot Lewallen who is also featured in my "FlatWork" Book

Sue Horine

 my very good Florence, OR. Friend Kelly Angeley, also in my "FlatWork" book

These are just a sampling of the outstanding art presented in Showcase 500 beaded jewelry

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I enjoyed them and will look into purchasing. I hope you feel better soon. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Oooooooooooooh - LOVE this eye candy! Just getting back from an extended vacation, and still catching up on my blog reading - need to get in a creative mind. Happy Thursday, Nicole - Tanya

  3. As always, enjoy reading your reviews. Both of these look well worth it!

  4. Wow-- Maybe I will have to get that book.. Showcase looks gorgeous!
    Its awesome seeing all the familiar names in it.


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