Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Once in a while we get a skiff of snow here in Florence, OR. However, Monday night we thought we were back in North Idaho. OMG!!! The day was wicked with rain and wind and around 7PM we lost internet. A little later Mike told me it was snowing. He is always kidding me about it so I didn't believe him. He insisted so I looked out the window and sure enough. It was coming down so hard and fast that within an hour we had two inches of the white stuff. Then we lost power. Our trees can  take the mighty Pacific coast winds and the rain, but a snow pack like this? NO! As we stood at the back door we could hear the sound of trees snapping and then a thud as the limbs hit the soft white ground. We watch the lights of our town go out section by section like some sci fi movie. The snow continued to fall. During the night three big limbs cracked and fell to the ground one scrapping across our bedroom window. Thank the gods it missed the house and there was no damage. By morning the house was freezing cold and NO coffee!!! That was worse than the cold. LOL. We ended up with 5 inches of the white stuff in our yard. We were with out power for 10 hours and no internet 18 hours. Geeee.... I got so much done yesterday with the computer down. LOL OK so maybe we aren't snowed in but you all know I am a bit of a drama queen hee hee hee.
Now to answer emails.

It was garbage day.

 Not getting into the shed today

and Mike thought he would never have to do this again. LOL 

 I guess the tree needed trimming anyway.

 The roads soon became a mucky mess. I do NOT miss snow AT ALL
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  1. Wow, Nicole. I can't believe that it snowed like that where you are at. amazing. It does look awesome but I would not want to drive in snow. Glad all is okay except for the tree. Have a great day today. Awesome pictures.

  2. There are advantages to living in a coastal climate although must admit, these photos do look more like Idaho than the Oregon coast!

  3. Oh dear, looks exciting! We had a power cut yestreday, too - although not due to snow, and it is hard! Valerie

  4. Glad to hear you came through safely--except for the tree, of course. I hope you have used up your snow allotment for the next five years!


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