Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi Everyone!
The snow is gone and the high winds and buckets of rain are back. Hey I will take rain over snow any day LOL.
I am getting ready for spring and summer shows. Mike and I had a discussion the other day on the first organized shows we did starting in 1984. Boy those were fun times with so much positive energy. The 1990s up to the early 2000's brought a different type of promoters for shows (greed set in ) and now I find that the smaller home town shows are much more fun and profitable for everyone.  In those early days I traveled for shows and pow wow, being on the road was the best!!! I really don't remember a bad time. It was all so much fun. I really do enjoy the shows. Meeting new people and catching up with return customers. Showing off my art, explaining how it was made and what the materials are. The excitement of a good show is so energizing and rejuvenates after winter.
So here is a new piece that will go to show. Mookiate Jasper, size 15/o 11/o and 8/o seed beads, glass rounds, and Czech bevels.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Best wishes for a great season. I do believe more and more value handmade... and see the value IN handmade!

  2. I like these colours so much!!!! So warm... and the design is great as well. I wish I could visit a show like that and meet you! It would be fun... well, maybe...

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! pretty colours!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a bright and cheerful necklace! I love Moukite. :)

    Best of luck at the shows! I'll be doing my first in April, and I'm very glad that it's a small, local one. Much less intimidating that way.

  5. Gorgeous necklace! Good Luck with all of your shows!

  6. such a beautiful piece Nicole!!
    your beadwork is spectacular and i love your choice of gemstones and colors!
    Maybe someday you will do one close by me!!
    we are getting weather warnings here...BAD rains..moonsoon heavy so they say..beginning tomorrow night,with havy winds, and going throughout the weekend. Don't mind rain,but i do worry about those in the So.Cal burn areas!

  7. I love it and it is yellow too! Gorgeous!


  8. Precioso y muy original!!!!!


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