Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!
For those of you who know me.... know that I love watching movies. It stems from when I was little and my dad delivered films to the drive-ins. OK OK so some of you may not even know what a drive-in is. The best times ever parking your car out doors in front of a huge screen to watch movies. Plus my parent's best friends owned (what we back then called) a walk-in. That is a cinema now days.  So we were privy to movies before the general public.  When I heard that Moby Dick was going to be televised on a prime channel I thought, "Fantastic!" With all of the technology and movie know how this will be a great version of a classic. Mike and I got settled in with a bowl of popcorn and waited. And waited and waited and waited. I honestly can say that this movie is one of my most disappointments in moves ever!!!!! From the spotless clean costumes to the boring conversations that made no sense, to the whaling and  OMG the white whale. With actors like Eathan Hawk, John Hurt, and the two lines that Donald Sutherland had this should have been a movie to remember.... Oh I mean in a good way.

Huge Thumbs down on this version of Moby Dick

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  1. Well I know now one movie that we WON'T be watching!! Thank you for the heads up. We love movies here too. We always watch on TV or rent from Redbox. (poor DH falls asleep and the Chazman can't stop chattering...LOL)


    Hope that foot is feeling better today. Hope you are resting it UP too.

  2. Who could ever compete with Gregory Peck? I saw that movie trailer & thought how in the world could anyone remake this & it would be good.

    I saw Cowboys & Aliens today. Almost feel asleep. It wasn't boring but very predictable.

    And oh yes...I do indeed remember drive ins. Every Friday or Saturday we'd load up the car & see something. I think that is why I love movies so much.

  3. I really hate remakes, especially bad ones. It's all they seem to do nowadays--can't they come up with any more original ideas?

    Thanks for the heads up that this one is not worth the time!

  4. the saddest time was when the last drive-in in our area closed..they built a walk in multi-plex!! what happened to the beautiful 2 story theaters?? sad,sad,sad!!!!!!

  5. Oh, I definately remember drive ins, they were more popular than walk in theaters. But, the walk in theaters back then were so grand, lots of neon, art deco, just gorgeous. Thanks for the review on Moby Dick, I think we will pass on that one too.

  6. *LOL* I know that feeling. You expect the remake being as good as (or even better) than the original and is a complete waste of time and good actors! Thanks for the warning, just in case this movie is on TV here.


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