Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I have to tell you about a fantastic I mean a fantastic sale that is going on at Regi's esty store. Go check out her dolls. If you like fantasy then you will love Regi's place. Now here is how it works. You pick the doll you just can't live without then email Regi she will discount it by $10.00. Yep ten bucks baby. Her prices are already darn good.

This sale is pretty important. The money is going to buy new clothes for Regi's son. He has grown out of his old ones. You know how kids do that.... I hope Regi doesn't mind me telling all of you that... well she needs a little boost right now. If we all help each other it IS a win win situation. We get some pretty nice art dolls and Regi gets to go shopping for her son. Plus if you don't already know Regi stop on over and introduce yourself. She is a wonderful lady full of laughter and so good hearted.  Now click on the banner below and go shopping!!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. Ohhh make my heart SING!! Thank you so much for doing this great post for me. The Chazman says thank you too. (actually he said "Thank you...thank you very much". He loves doing the Elvis voice..hehe)

    BIG HUGS!!!!!
    Regi & the Chazman


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