Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hi Everyone!

It is the weekend and I am beading today. We headed to Winchester bay yesterday and found some great places to launch the dingy. There was a huge and very well organized Dune Fest going on. If you are into dune buggies and quads you need to come here next year for it.
I am so fortunate to have close to a thousand old photos of my mom's side of the family even some old tins. I guess because it would have been my sister's birthday yesterday I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Here are some old photos of my family.

My great grandmother Sadi and great grandfather Thomas my grandmother the little one and her sister. Thomas was a surveyor for the US Government and they traveled all over the country.

My grandfather Al and his brother. Al is the  little guy with the very stylish hat. Love it!
 This is Al standing by his car and my grandmother is sitting inside. I love the way people dressed in those days. With pride.

Here is my grandmother on her wedding day
So there are a few photos of my family past.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Love the Old photos Nicole. There is just something about seeing those old sepia tones that makes a person go all nostalgic.

  2. Oh Nicole, you are so very lucky to have these photos--and in such good condition! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nicole..such wonderful photos! i,too,am blessed with family photos..just not as many!! they are trasures to be enjoyed and passed down..they are our history!! thanks so much for sharing them!!


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