Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi Everyone!
OK two posts in one day! I guess all the sunshine I have been inhaling (LOL) is giving me some extra energy.
I have been working on this piece for awhile. Well that is not exactly true.... it has been sitting on my work table waiting for me to get with it. So today was the day. I got the strap done, the edging, and some tweaking. The lone bead is made by one of my good Florence pals Denise Sanders. The cab is petrified palm wood. I love the specks. So put the two together with some Jasper beads and you get this necklace.
Scroll down slowly please.

 Ohhhh but wait if your order now.... aaahhh just kidding  this is not an infomercial for pete sake
but there is a twist.
Unhook the strap turn the necklace upside down and whhheeellllaaaaa you have a whole new style.

 Which way do you like best?

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. both ways are beautifull, a very good job You did with this one too. Maybe the second is the one I would wear.

  2. I love it! I love how you have attached the main focal piece... great work!


  3. I am not sure. I like them both ways! You do such gorgeous beadwork! I loved the infomercial statement!

  4. Great design! I like it both ways, but lean towards the larger stone on top.

  5. This is an awesome piece. Gorgeous colors. I think I like it with the larger stone above..Both look great thou. Great focals. Love that strap too..Could wear that all by itself!

  6. this is beautiful Nicole!!!
    your blog button is now gracing my sidebar! :)

  7. Love the versatility! I wish I could tell you I like one way over the other but I can't ~ it's a toss up!

  8. Now how cool is that? Incredibly cool! And beautiful on top of that. Great work!

  9. Tough decision as both are well balanced...smaller piece suspended from larger would be my preference.
    Lovely work...Happy Day!
    -Eva Maria


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